My name is Royce Branning. I’m a rising Senior Computer Science major at the University of Notre Dame, and I’ve spent the last seven weeks as a Software Engineering Intern for the Cloud team here at Quicken. Before I delve into my experiences, I want to set the stage by mentioning one of the things I think is particularly unique about Quicken.

Quicken is both an established brand and a startup. It’s a profitable company whose product has been in millions of users’ hands over 3 decades, and yet, like a startup, it’s a place where small teams are working to do big things and an intern like myself can come in and do meaningful work.

This pseudo-startup environment has meant that I’ve gotten to work on involved projects that have a real impact on the product. Typically, as an intern, it isn’t unreasonable to be assigned a project that is isolated and non-essential. My project assignments have been completely the opposite. I’ve had the chance to jump in and get my hands dirty working with what I like to think of as the heart of the product – the cloud backend.

From day one, it was made clear that I was a part of the team and expected to contribute. While learning the suite of technologies (Docker, Spring Boot, AWS) along with the Quicken Cloud Services code base, I was asked to work on team documentation, refactor boiler plate code for the application, and work on the tutorials for the team wiki. Since then I’ve worked on projects creating, modifying, and deploying microservices, as well as implementing solutions for monitoring traffic to components of our core cloud architecture. Not only have these projects been incredible opportunities to learn about backend services development, but they have given me the chance to write code that will be run millions of times by end users whenever they are using Quicken.

Furthermore, because of the intimate community, I’ve gotten to put faces to all the other sides of Quicken outside of engineering. Getting to know the people that are responsible for running the show in different departments is something I’ve really enjoyed, whether that be building a bench with the head of business ops or meeting one-on-one with the CEO. Getting to interact with people from every department and have an inside look at how the entire company comes together has been one of the best parts of my experience at Quicken thus far.

The “established-brand startup” nature of Quicken has made for an awesome environment to grow this summer.