At-Home Dad Cares For Family, Finances

The following is a post from Kara McGuire of the Star Tribune. Going from two incomes to one meant getting used to a new budget, diligently tracking expenses, and accepting the trade-offs. Linus was just a week old when Adam Nafziger decided the whole dual-income family thing just wasn't going to work. His wife, Nicole Fitch Nafziger traveled several days most weeks selling flavors to candy... Continue reading

Teaching Your Teen How to Budget

Whether you give your children an allowance, make them do chores for what they get, or have them earn their spending money from paying jobs, kids need to know how to budget what they have. Instilling good financial skills while your kids are still relatively young can be one of the most important life lessons you pass along to your teens. Set a Good Example for Your Teens Your kids pick up many... Continue reading

Budgeting: Stretch a Small Income

It's tough enough to make ends meet in a pricey city like San Francisco. It's even tougher when you're a grad student and a budding actress, and neither of you makes more than $27,000 a year. So if anyone knows how to stretch an income, it's Mickey Pentecost, 25, and Tina Huang, 24, who we interviewed in 2006. They had been married the previous June after dating since they were students at... Continue reading

How to Analyze Risk Vs. Return With Personal Money Management Software

An investor's tolerance for risk helps to determine the types and amounts of investments she makes. In general, riskier investments provide a higher return, because investors demand more compensation for taking higher risks. Personal money management software has features to show you the risks as well as returns on your investments. It also can provide suggestions for changing your risk profile... Continue reading

How to Budget for Your First Child

Even if you're careful with money, having a child isn't cheap. Raising your first child from birth to age 17 can cost well over $200,000 total, according to Fidelity Investments. "The baby is going to cost a lot more than you ever imagine," says certified public accountant Cheryl Smith. "It's going to take more money than you think, but you're happily going to spend that money." Making room in... Continue reading

Marriage and Money

Once upon a time, you found that special someone to spend the rest of your life with, and now the two of you are ready to ride off into the sunset, right? Not so fast. You'll have a much better shot at a fairy-tale ending if you take a little time at the beginning to sit down and talk about money. It may not sound like the most romantic topic, and many couples even consider it taboo. But "Money... Continue reading

How to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Parent

Date: June, 12, 2017 More and more parents are turning their backs on the traditional nine-to-five work routine in the digital age. Parents want to spend less time commuting to a job and more time with their families. But making money is still a necessity, and there are ways to bring in some much needed cash without leaving home.   Become a Tutor Becoming a tutor is one option if you have an... Continue reading
What You Need to Have in Your Will

What You Need to Have in Your Will

Don't put off writing a will ­– it's a critical part of every family's financial planning and it allows you to determine what happens to your estate when you die. You can also specify a trusted person to handle your estate through the court probate process, and even name a preferred guardian for your minor children. Here is a short list of what you should include.   List Your Property It's a good... Continue reading
Does Your Child Need a Trust Fund?

What Is a Trust Fund and What Are the Benefits?

The prevailing notion is that trust fund babies are the teenagers who drive up to school in shiny new sports cars or the young piano virtuoso who attends a top-of-the-line music institute instead of public grade school. But CNBC indicates that change is in the air – trusts are no longer the exclusive domain of the wealthiest 1 percent of the population.  Parents and grandparents are creating... Continue reading

What You Need to Know When Your Parents Have Medicare

As people get older, health insurance becomes increasingly important, and sometimes, more complicated to understand. If your parents are getting close to the age of 65, they will soon be eligible for the government health program for seniors, called Medicare. The more you learn about Medicare, the more helpful you can be to them as they try to make the best decisions about their healthcare.  ... Continue reading