Financial Overhaul: How Do I Get Mortgage Modifications After Losing a Job?

Financial Overhaul: How Do I Get Mortgage Modifications After Losing a Job? The economic misery that began with the 2007-2008 housing market meltdown has taken a heavy toll on millions of Americans. Housing prices are only now beginning to recover from large losses and unemployment remains stubbornly high. Losing a job is a problem; losing your job and your house is a crisis. The federal... Continue reading
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Money Management Challenge: The Risks (& Rewards) of Self-Employment

Self-employment has some real rewards. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and control your own destiny. However, running your own business also means that you get paid when clients pay you and, frequently, that won't be on a regular schedule. Continue reading

Manage Your Finances, Master Your Life: How to Maximize Your Employment Benefits

Your employment benefits can add as much as 30 percent to the value of your salary. And it does add up: consider the value of insurance, retirement plans, other tax-deferred savings plans, employer matches, and other benefits, and you could easily find you have access to many thousands of additional dollars per year. Once you know what you have, it's just a matter of taking advantage of it. Continue reading
Tips to Stay Productive at Work

Tips to Stay Productive at Work

Just showing up at your office isn't enough in today's fast-paced work environments. You have to get things done to survive and thrive. Everyone is more productive some days than others, but if you find yourself in a slump, devise a strategy for staying effective and efficient, one that is tailored to your own list of distractions. Here are some tips to get you started. Treat Your Body Well... Continue reading

Home Office Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Date: May 18, 2017 Working from home has become increasingly popular within a wide variety of industries, aside from small business entrepreneurs and freelancers. In fact, the telecommuting trend grew over six percent in 2016 alone! Over 3 million employees now spend more than half their time working from home offices. If you’re one of them, it makes sense to take a look at your work space,... Continue reading

How to Stay Productive During Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holiday season is stressful enough. Add to that meeting a work deadline at the same time and you've got a recipe for disaster. Travel doesn't have to mean wasted work time, but it does take some preparation to stay connected, organized, powered and protected. See how to maximize your time on the jetway and beyond with these productive tips. Continue reading