Can I Write that Off? [Infographic]

Date: July 17, 2016 Continue reading

Manage Your Finances, Master Your Life: How to Maximize Your Employment Benefits

Your employment benefits can add as much as 30 percent to the value of your salary. And it does add up: consider the value of insurance, retirement plans, other tax-deferred savings plans, employer matches, and other benefits, and you could easily find you have access to many thousands of additional dollars per year. Once you know what you have, it's just a matter of taking advantage of it. Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching Careers

Maybe you've gone as far as possible in your current career, and simply changing jobs won't improve your life. The handwriting on the wall says to go. Now what? There's plenty to consider before changing careers, but start by asking yourself three key questions. Can I afford to change careers? More earnings potential might look very attractive, but without experience in the new field you might... Continue reading

4 Things to Do with Your 401(k) When You Change Jobs

When you change jobs, you face an important financial decision. What should you do with your 401(k) account? You have four choices. We explore the pros and cons of each choice below to help you make an informed decision. Continue reading

3 Smart Moves to Make if You Feel Your Job is at Risk

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for emergencies—and the loss of a job is at the top of the financial emergency list. Here's a three-step strategy that can help your family get into shape to weather hard times. 1. Reduce your expenses Track your spending for the next eight weeks: Keep a record of what you bought, how much it cost and the date. Divide your core expenses into broad categories... Continue reading

5 Things to Know About Your Workplace Health Plan Coverage

Employer-sponsored group plans offer the best deals around on health insurance. In 2009, the average single worker paid only 16 cents toward every dollar of medical insurance and average families paid only about a fourth of medical insurance coverage. If your company offers health insurance, here’s what you need to know about your options. What are the different types of medical insurance plans... Continue reading

Make More Benjamins Without Quitting Your Job

I'm all for silver linings, but the latest survey issued by the National Association of Colleges and Employers on starting salaries for recent college grads – despite its upbeat spin – fails to excite. Researchers at NACE found that the average starting salary for a fresh-out-college young adult (those who are lucky to find full-time work) is now $49,307. That's down just a smidge from 2008 when... Continue reading

Get A Job Faster

The defining characteristic of the Great Recession, and the Great Depression before it, is joblessness. U.S. unemployment stood at 9.8% in September, the highest in 26 years, as the economic downturn has eliminated an estimated 7.2 million jobs, The Associated Press reports. Nervous, credit-checking employers aren’t helping those numbers. But Americans are still finding jobs. First-time jobless... Continue reading

Five Tips To Improve Your Resume

With the national unemployment rate clocking in at 8.8 percent this past March, competition for work remains stiff, especially if you're trying to climb the ladder. So how do you stand out from all the rest? The first thing potential employers will see is your resume, so make it look professional. It's essential to snagging an interview. Tailoring your resume to each job you apply for may seem... Continue reading

What Is the Relationship Between Personal Financial Planning & Career Success?

Success in any activity might involve a little luck, but it often requires a good deal of planning. Career success depends on many factors, some of which include establishing a plan, realistic self-assessment, handling information and making informed decisions. The same factors help you manage your personal finances. Furthermore, the two activities are closely entwined because changes in one can... Continue reading