3 Options for Making Home Improvements

Your home may be the most significant investment you’ll ever make. During the course of owning it, home improvements will comprise a sizeable portion of your household budget. Over time rooms will need fresh paint or you may need more living space for a growing family. Whether it’s a small fix or a major renovation, there’s a key decision to be made with a big impact on your budget: Do it... Continue reading

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Home

Mistake #1: Buying Beyond Your Means One of the most exciting parts about shopping for a new home is that you can indulge your fantasies. It's fun to dream about living in a home with all the latest and greatest features and innovations, and when presented with the touch of a skilled real estate agent, you may well believe that you could and should buy the house of your dreams, at any price.... Continue reading

5 Money Management Messes to Clean Up Before Buying a Home

High Debt Levels   Most credit cards allow you transfer balances for no fee. Professor Michael Taillard – a PhD in economics – suggests, “Pay off as much debt as possible and consolidate the number of credit cards you have by paying off the others using your lowest-rate card.” After consolidation, cut up your highest-interest cards and pay down your balance as quickly as possible. This means... Continue reading

Buying Rental Property: How to Make a Good Investment

Don't wear your homeowner hat when you go out to buy rental property, because the elements to consider are very different. You may love houses with big backyards and picket fences, but the most important factor when buying a rental property is financial. Whether it's determining your return on investment (ROI) or per-unit cash flow, it's important to do the math first rather than buying based on... Continue reading

Where to Move Now: Best Real Estate Markets

Most financially savvy people consider home ownership a necessary step in building wealth. After all, wise real estate investing could bring big returns. BiggerPockets.com compiled a list of the best real estate markets for buying single- and multi-family homes in 2015. Whether you buy a property as your primary residence or as an investment to rent out, consider this data before making your move. Continue reading

Know Before You Owe: The New Loan Estimate Mortgage Form

Good news for prospective homeowners, the process for getting a mortgage has become a little easier… at least the paperwork has. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, has removed four forms from the process and replaced them with two new ones. Not only are the new forms more straightforward, but they also make it easier to compare mortgage estimates with the final offer. Continue reading