Healthy Retirement 101: What to Do in Your 50s

When you’re in your 50s, you may feel as though you're barreling toward the finish line of your career. In fact, you have only 15 years or so left until retirement unless you want to keep working past 65. This can be a good time to take stock of what you want your retirement lifestyle to be like and start taking extra steps to finance it. Play Catch-up Don’t throw your hands up in despair... Continue reading

Ways to Spot an Investment Scam

Everybody hopes to find a great investment, but nobody wants to be the victim of a scam. Unfortunately, the more glittery the investment offer and the greater the returns that are promised or even guaranteed, the more likely it is that the "great offer" is really a fraudulent scam. Here are a few tips for figuring out when to walk away.   If It's Pie-in-the-Sky, Say Goodbye If an investment... Continue reading
The Pros and Cons of Pensions vs. Annuities

The Pros and Cons of Pensions vs. Annuities

Date: September 30, 2016 Many companies offer employees a choice between monthly annuity payments or one-time lump-sum retirement accounts from which they can draw pension payments as necessary. These two retirement options are very different and your choice can impact your future financial security. Annuities are payments of a set amount that you are guaranteed to get every month during your... Continue reading

myRA Retirement Savings Accounts Explained

Date: September 22, 2016 We all know it's important to start planning for retirement as early as possible. But not everyone has enough money to invest in certain types of retirement accounts and investment products and your employer might not offer 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans. A 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics study revealed that 62 percent of part-time working Americans don't have access... Continue reading

How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Date: August 9, 2016 No one wants to leave money on the table, but if you don’t map out your approach to collecting Social Security benefits as part of a plan to save for your retirement years, you could be doing just that. Exactly how to maximize your benefits depends on your personal situation, but here are some general rules to keep in mind.   Pay Attention to Your Earnings Many people focus... Continue reading

Is A Reverse Mortgage a Good Idea for Retirement Income?

You can use the "equity" or value of your home to build wealth, generate income or protect your nest egg by renting, selling or refinancing your residence. But, these options usually require you either to move out or increase your loan payments. With a reverse mortgage, you keep your home, forgo mortgage payments and even take out cash, but you'll have to wait until you're at least 62 to make... Continue reading

Are Fees Eating Up Your Retirement Savings?

Date: September 4, 2017 Are Fees Eating Up Your Retirement Savings? Saving for retirement is a great first step in preparing for your golden years. While you probably check the returns in your retirement investment accounts periodically, you're likely not as keen on checking the fees. Though you usually won't write checks to pay for those retirement account fees, they will be paid out of your... Continue reading

How to Retire Overseas

Retirement can be an adventure if you're open to the possibility of moving abroad. Your retirement income may go further if you spend your golden years in a foreign land than if you stay put in your hometown. And, you'll have the chance to experience a different culture. But before you ship off to Fiji, here are a few financial tips to get you started planning for your golden years. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Early Retirement

Early retirement is a dream for many workers. Who doesn't look forward to having the freedom to spend more time with family and friends, to travel the world or just enthusiastically pursue hobbies — all with a sound financial cushion? Like many dreams, however, retiring early comes with both pros and cons. Understanding the effects of early retirement can help you make the right decision for you... Continue reading

How Work Affects Your Social Security Benefits

After toiling in the workforce for many years, Social Security benefits are one of the few seemingly guaranteed comforts of retirement. But what many people don't realize is there are many factors that can negate some of Uncle Sam's dollars.     Your income can reduce the amount of your benefits, depending on how much you earn, how old you are and what benefits you're eligible to receive. See how... Continue reading