Best Online Budget Planners for Your Household

A solid budget is integral to so much that’s important in life: your credit score, retirement security and settling down in a home of your own. Luckily, creating a budget is simple and easy if you have the right tools. Grab your tablet, laptop or smartphone and let an online budget planner help you. Here’s what to look for in the best budgeting software. Continue reading

Tips for Creating a Monthly Budget Template

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ You can use a simple monthly budget template to categorize expenses, examine cash flows and payment schedules, set goals, and map out a reality-based budget. Continue reading
What's in a Typical Household Budget?

What's in a Typical Household Budget?

Between income and expenses, there’s constantly money moving in and out of your accounts — but if you're not following a budget, you might be surprised to learn where that money actually goes. "Budgeting is important for making sure your spending aligns with your values," says Amber Berry, a Sacramento-based Certified Financial Education Instructor. But what are the components that make up the... Continue reading
Using a Weekly Budget for Long Term Savings

How to Use a Weekly Budget Planner for Long-Term Savings

Using a weekly budget is a great way to organize your personal finances, particularly if you get paid on a weekly or biweekly schedule. However, monthly bills and extra expenses can inhibit your long-term savings goal if you don't plan ahead. Continue reading
Establish a realistic budget

How to Establish a Realistic Budget

Include All Expenses Your budget should account for all the money that you spend, not just the big categories or the ones that you have on a consistent basis. Danny Payne, a certified financial planner practicing in Southern California says that, "miscellaneous expenses, such as gifts or entertainment, can often be underestimated due to their somewhat unforeseen nature." For example, you might... Continue reading

Saving & Budgeting Tips for Low-Income Families

Saving & Budgeting Tips for Low-Income Families When your income is limited, having a household budget is not only a good idea; it is imperative. Living on a budget might sound restricting or like too much work. However, having a workable family budget is actually quite liberating and simple. It puts you in charge of your money, rather than allowing money to control your life. Track Your... Continue reading

How to Budget for Holiday Travel

Budgeting makes travel better. It gives you a structure to save for your vacation and to plan out all the details you want to incorporate into your travel. With discipline and research, you might be able to expand your travel activities to include extras that otherwise would be out of reach. Not having the funds to book a five-star, all-inclusive vacation does not mean you have to don a backpack... Continue reading

Budgeting Tips for Your Honeymoon

More than a million newly married couples take a honeymoon each year, according to the Real Size Bride website's 2016 report. Paying for a honeymoon right after a wedding can put a strain on anyone's finances, but budgeting too tightly can spoil the magic. If you plan and budget carefully, it's easier to afford a honeymoon you'll remember without coming home to a pile of bills you can't forget.... Continue reading

How to Make a Personal Weekly Spending Budget

How to Make a Personal Weekly Spending Budget Developing a budget is a great way to organize your finances, but challenges can arise if your bills and your paycheck come on different schedules. For example, your regular monthly bills, like your rent, cell phone bill, credit card statement and student loan, might all be due at different times during the month, while you get paid every Thursday.... Continue reading

New Year Financial Resolution: Buy a New Car

The clock striking midnight to ring in a new year can be that little extra motivation you need to get on track to save for a new set of wheels. However, buying a new car requires more planning than just driving down to the dealership and signing a few papers. Budgeting how much you can afford and shopping for the best deal on financing ensures you'll enjoy your new ride and make payments without... Continue reading