Budgeting Tips for Your Honeymoon

More than a million newly married couples take a honeymoon each year, according to the Real Size Bride website's 2016 report. Paying for a honeymoon right after a wedding can put a strain on anyone's finances, but budgeting too tightly can spoil the magic. If you plan and budget carefully, it's easier to afford a honeymoon you'll remember without coming home to a pile of bills you can't forget.... Continue reading

How to Make a Personal Weekly Spending Budget

How to Make a Personal Weekly Spending Budget Developing a budget is a great way to organize your finances, but challenges can arise if your bills and your paycheck come on different schedules. For example, your regular monthly bills, like your rent, cell phone bill, credit card statement and student loan, might all be due at different times during the month, while you get paid every Thursday.... Continue reading

New Year Financial Resolution: Buy a New Car

The clock striking midnight to ring in a new year can be that little extra motivation you need to get on track to save for a new set of wheels. However, buying a new car requires more planning than just driving down to the dealership and signing a few papers. Budgeting how much you can afford and shopping for the best deal on financing ensures you'll enjoy your new ride and make payments without... Continue reading

How to Save for Short-Term Financial Goals

Determine your financial objectives Saving is always easier if you have a plan. When starting your short-term savings program, try to think of real-life expenses that you'd like to have covered. Vacations are a great example. Generally, you'll know how much time off you have every year, so that's a great help in the planning process. If your car is getting up in years, you can anticipate needing... Continue reading

Creating a Household Budget for Short-Term Savings

Short-term savings goals could be as simple as putting aside funds for a special purchase or saving for a much-needed vacation. Once you establish your financial target, it's time to turn your attention to faithfully and systematically depositing your budgeted amount into a savings account or money market fund. Short-Term Vs. Long-Term The difference between short-term and long-term savings... Continue reading
Suffering a financial setback?

Suffered a Financial Setback? Tips on How to Recover

Financial setbacks come in all shapes and sizes, from a pay cut to an unexpected trip to the hospital or car accident that insurance didn't cover. No matter what causes the financial setback, be honest with yourself about your situation so you can move forward to bigger and better things. "It is helpful to be realistic and understand that denial will only make the problem worse," counsels Marcio... Continue reading

Unique Budgeting Ideas for Saving Money on Weddings

Have a Destination Wedding   When most people hear the words "destination wedding," they don't think "budget wedding." In reality, having a wedding away from your home, even overseas, can actually end up saving you quite a bit, according to Michelle Joven-Molano, Banquet and Events Manager at the Boracay Regency Hotel in the Philippines. "For starters," says Joven-Molano, "you're likely to end up... Continue reading

Budgeting Tips for Saving Money on Cell Phone Plans

While the cell phone industry will tell you that a typical monthly bill is about $47 as of 2012, many people are paying more than that -- and depending on their needs, it may be too much. There are a few actions that you can take to save money on your cell phone plan today. Sometimes to save money in the long run, you have to consider all the angles, such as whether switching carriers is worth... Continue reading

Budgeting For Beginners

It is budgeting, not rocket science Make sure you spend less than you earn – sounds simple enough, right? But for many, it’s easier said than done. Regardless of your experience with budgeting or financial management, it is important to develop a clear idea of how much you earn and how much you spend. A well-maintained budget can help you do just that. Creating a budget simply means measuring... Continue reading

Tips on Setting Money Management Goals for Singles

Be Strategic With Life Insurance Conventional wisdom says you don't need as much life insurance when you are single, since you don't have anyone who depends on your income. Not so fast, says insurance claims specialist Deborah Belknap. "While you might not need the same amount of life insurance as a person who is married with children, there are plenty of reasons to get your life insurance in... Continue reading