When Balance Transfers Are a Good Option

When Balance Transfers Are a Good Option

To transfer or not to transfer: that is the question. It can be expensive to carry credit card debt, so when you're offered a new card with zero percent interest on transferred balances, it can look like the perfect solution to your short-term goals. The wisdom of the transfer depends on other terms of the credit card agreement and these are often found in the fine print.   Look Before You Leap... Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Traditional Savings Accounts

In their heyday, traditional savings accounts were as American as apple pie. Typically, savers would wait until they had enough in their accounts to make major purchases. This type of savings account remains among the safest out there, and it still has a place — albeit a less central one — in a modern financial plan.   Pros: Your Money Is Safe Traditional savings accounts were once beloved... Continue reading

Why Credit Card Debt Isn't Necessarily Bad Debt

September 29, 2016 If there's one thing people love, it's their credit cards. A 2015 survey conducted by Harris Poll and NerdWallet showed that the average U.S. household carries $15,355 in credit card debt. Certainly, going into debt for shoes and the latest electronic gadgets can't be good for your household finances, but there are times when having some credit card debt may be better than... Continue reading

Spring Clean Your Finances With These Four Simple Steps

Spring has sprung and now is the perfect time to spring clean your finances! The Consumer Reports National Resource Center found that one in four Americans admit to having misplaced or lost some information critical to their finances. If you’ve ever been there, then check out our four simple tips to help you declutter your finances and get your funds back in tip top shape!   1. Go Paperless In... Continue reading

Why Everyone Needs Financial Cheat Days

Following a budget is like sticking to a diet — you must keep your eyes on long-term goals at the expense of short-term indulgence. But a regime of all belt-tightening without any splurges can lead to abandoning the resolution and going hog wild with spending. That's why even the most rigorous budgeters must build in occasional cheat days.   Budget Benefits Anyone who has overspent a paycheck or... Continue reading
How to Budget Your Money With Elizabeth Warren's 50-20-30 Rule

How to Budget Your Money With Elizabeth Warren's 50-20-30 Rule

What's the best way to slice the money pie? It's a question many people struggle with, and there are lots of options are out there for how to make the cut. One formula that’s on the upswing is the 50-20-30 rule, one of the more workable plans for managing your money. Continue reading

Seasonal Savings Plans

Date: June 10, 2016 When you hear the term "seasonal savings plan," you probably think of a special account used to put away funds for the December holiday season. That’s true, but seasonal savings plans can also help fund vacations, home renovations and even a down payment on a car. Some banks offer specific accounts geared for summer or winter savings, but it can also be just as easy to open a... Continue reading

Budgeting After an Unexpected Loss of Income

Panic is a natural reaction when your income ceases or drops drastically, through illness, job termination or any other event that results in less income. Responding quickly is not only essential to make the most of your remaining resources, but it also gives back control at a time when you may feel you have none. A focused, methodical budget plan takes the pressure off as you get over the... Continue reading

Surprising Perks to Tracking Your Finances

Closely tracking your income and spending has some obvious benefits when it comes to meeting your financial obligations and living within your means. In addition to making sure there's enough money to cover essential and discretionary spending, there are other surprising perks that reward the time and effort you put into tackling your personal finances. Continue reading

The Stars of Saving: Famous People Who Were Smart About Money

Many celebrities crash and burn financially when their television series get cancelled or they lose their appeal at the box office. But others prove that pretty faces are not always adverse to business judgment by making big money in wise investments. Here are four standouts.   Paul Newman: Foodstuffs Baron and Philanthropist Paul Newman went from a childhood in Ohio, through a stint in the Navy... Continue reading