How Once-Weekly Meal Prep Saves on Groceries

The average American spends $1,200 a year on fast food, as reported by the Daily Mail. That may not sound like a big chunk of your annual budget, but it’s $4,800 for a family of four – more than enough to fund a vacation instead of wolfing down food that’s not even particularly good for you. Cooking meals at home is far cheaper once you get organized and make the time. Continue reading

Should You Ever Cancel a Credit Card?

You may want to simplify your financial life by closing some of your accounts if you've built up a collection of credit cards. Keeping a credit card open, even if you don't use it, will usually positively impact your credit score. However, in some circumstances, you may have a good reason to cancel a card to help your credit score or your financial peace of mind.   Benefits of Keep Cards Keeping... Continue reading

How Credit Card Balance Transfers Work

If you're tired of paying extremely high interest rates on your credit card balance, a balance transfer might be for you. You might even qualify for a special low introductory rate if you have a good credit score. Even if your credit isn't perfect, you might still be able to get a lower interest rate than the rate charged by your current card.   Balance Transfer Mechanics To initiate a balance... Continue reading

Are You Saving Too Much?

Date: November 15, 2016 Conventional wisdom says that you should have at least six months’ living expenses tucked away in case of a financial emergency, but saving more than this can be a hedge against a disaster that may never come. Saving too much is not likely to help you get ahead, so you might consider other options when you reach that six-month threshold.   Saving vs. Paying Down Debt... Continue reading

How Merging Assets Affects Your Credit

You may want to share everything with your new spouse, but you'll each forever own separate credit scores. Nonetheless, merging assets can affect credit reports going forward and can influence access to credit. When spouses with widely different credit scores apply jointly for purchases like a car or house, one spouse's credit history might help the process while the other's might cause... Continue reading

How to Save for Short-Term Financial Goals

Determine your financial objectives Saving is always easier if you have a plan. When starting your short-term savings program, try to think of real-life expenses that you'd like to have covered. Vacations are a great example. Generally, you'll know how much time off you have every year, so that's a great help in the planning process. If your car is getting up in years, you can anticipate needing... Continue reading

Hybrid Cars: Do the Finances Make Sense?

Hybrid Cars: Do the Finances Make Sense? According to a J.D. Power and Associates survey, more than one-fourth of all consumers say that their next car will by a hybrid. The increase in demand for these vehicles is driven by higher gas prices and the thought that buying a hybrid will save money. Determining if the finances of a hybrid car make sense is often a personal decision, depending on... Continue reading
Unique halloween box man costume

Last-Minute Costume Ideas For Under $5

Want to be scared this Halloween? Take a look with your budgeting software at what you're paying to celebrate the year's spookiest holiday. Renting a basic pirate's outfit from Boston Costume will run you $65. Add candy, snacks, and drinks and you'll soon be over $100. Maybe you want to spend that much, but with the holiday almost here, there's no time left to get fancy. The good news: making... Continue reading

How to Budget for Your Dream Vacation

Building a Budget Three simple steps go into building a budget. First, figure out how much money you have coming in. Second, figure out how you're spending it. Once you know this, you can do the third step – adjusting what you're spending to free up money for other goals. For instance, if you have $3,500 coming in every month, and you pay a $900 mortgage payment, $300 in utilities and $500 for... Continue reading

The Skinny on Extended Warranties

From high-end refrigerators to low-end digital cameras, finding the product with the right features at the right price can wear you out. But once you solve that puzzle, another one pops up: Should you buy an extended warranty? Most experts don’t think so. Writer Erica Ogg reviews extended warranties for CNET, an online high-tech information exchange. She understands why some consumers prefer to... Continue reading