How Much Should You Spend on Rent?

You’ve probably heard the old rule: You shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your income on housing.  In today’s economy, that number can be hard to hit. But there are things you can do to make it easier. In trying to keep your rent below that threshold, here are some important numbers to keep in mind when working on your monthly budget. Rent and Lower Income The less money you earn, the bigger the... Continue reading

More than a Third of Millennials Are Likely to Flee Cities Within 12 Months

We asked more than 1,000 millennial renters in cities across the US about the impact they’ve felt from the pandemic—to their jobs, to their rent, and to their future plans. The results? More than one-third are considering leaving the city over the next 12 months, most likely in waves as their leases come up. With another 16% saying their plans are still uncertain, that leaves less than half of... Continue reading

Simplifi by Quicken Named 2020 Best Budgeting App by New York Times Wirecutter

We’re thrilled to announce that Simplifi by Quicken has been named the best budgeting app of 2020 by The New York Times Wirecutter. “After testing dozens of apps for two months, we recommend Simplifi by Quicken, even with its modest cost, to both track your transactions and plan your future expenses.” Simplifi is Quicken’s new personal finance management app, built from the ground up for a... Continue reading
Quicken Reports

How to get the most out of Quicken Reports

Our Most Popular Quicken Reports—And How to Get the Most Out of Them "Reports can help you better understand your financial picture on your own. Quicken Deluxe offers far more of these than any competitor."—PC Mag When you want to understand your financial position, there’s no substitute for robust financial reporting. Quicken reports combine the simplicity of built-in options with the power of... Continue reading
Quicken Transfer Money

Need to Move Some Cash? Here’s How to Transfer Money From One Bank to Another

We live in an age of mobile-only bank accounts and online budgeting apps. And yet, figuring out how to transfer money from one bank to another without paying a fee can be surprisingly difficult.  The best option can depend on whether you want to transfer money between two accounts you own, or transfer money to someone else. The bank you have can also be important, as you may get slapped with a... Continue reading
Quicken Paul Gipson

Quicken Stories: Paul Gipson

Paul Gipson came up through the aerospace industry, watching far too many airlines go under—sometimes right beneath his feet. After 9/11, the company he worked for cut salaries across the board and significantly reduced their 401(k) contributions. He spoke with us to share his personal journey as well as how he used Quicken to keep his retirement plan on track. Paul’s background */ /*-->*/ “I... Continue reading
Save Money On Groceries

How to Save Money on Groceries: 15 Tricks to Try

In 2018, Americans spent $372 per month on average for groceries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And for many of us, social distancing in light of COVID-19 has sent our grocery bills even higher as we stay inside, cook at home more, and — let’s be honest — stress buy.  Whether you’re shopping once a week in person, or having your groceries delivered, there are several ways you can... Continue reading
Quicken Teach Kids Value Of Money

9 Ways To Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

It’s never too early to learn about personal finance, especially when the lessons are fun. Now that summer’s in full swing, here are 9 summer challenges you can do with your kids to prepare them for their financial future and enjoy some quality family time along the way. 9 Fun Summer Challenges for Kids & Families 1. The No-Spend Weekend Challenge One of the most important ways to teach kids... Continue reading
Quicken Savings Bond

Should You Redeem Your Savings Bond? Use This Calculator to Find Its Value

Purchasing U.S. savings bonds can be one of the safest ways to earn money on your savings, as a savings bond’s value is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. They can also offer tax advantages over similar products, such as a savings account or certificate of deposit (CD).  Although you might not earn a lot of interest, the guaranteed return can make them an important part... Continue reading
Quicken Covid Spending

COVID-19’s Impact on Spending Behavior: The Numbers Reflect Drastic Changes to our Lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, which is reflected in how we spend and manage our money. In May, we surveyed adults across America about the impact of the pandemic on their personal finances. Even if they felt prepared pre-pandemic, people reported significant negative impact to their finances and many also noted pushing off major life... Continue reading