4 Steps You Should Take Right Now for Your Post-COVID Budget

The changes we’ve encountered over the past year have touched every aspect of life, making this an especially challenging time to budget for the future. Now, as signs point toward re-openings in the U.S., things are about to change again—hopefully, for the better. Here are 4 critical steps you can take today to prepare your personal finances for a post-COVID economy. Step 1. Take stock of changes... Continue reading

What Is a Stipend?

A stipend is a payment made to a trainee or learner for living expenses, unlike a salary or wages, which are paid to an employee.  Though the terms "stipend" and "salary" are often used interchangeably, the U.S. Department of Labor has a specific stipend definition with several criteria that must be met to pay a stipend. Continue reading
Should You Refinance

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage? 6 Questions to Ask First

In the first week of 2021, mortgage rates across the U.S. dropped to their lowest in a decade. In April, they were still hovering below 3 percent, with a 30-year fixed rate of 2.97 and 15-year fixed at only 2.29. Naturally, many homeowners are wondering if now might be a good time to refinance. What Is Refinancing? A Quick Refresher So what is refinancing, exactly? Simply put, refinancing a... Continue reading

How to see where your money goes with Quicken

One of the most important ways Quicken helps you take control of your financial life is by showing you where your money is going. You may be surprised to find out how much money you are spending in some areas. People are often surprised to see how much they spend on food, drinks, or entertainment. Other people figure out that shopping is where their money is going. Whatever you are spending your... Continue reading

Track property tax and other items included in a loan payment (Mac)

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3 Essential Steps in Planning a Debt-Reduction Strategy

*/ /*-->*/ Don’t be too quick to pay off your debt. As strange as that sounds, debt is a powerful financial tool. When used intentionally, and in the right balance with your income and assets, debt can be a key ingredient in a healthy, growing financial portfolio.  Before you start paying down your debt more aggressively, here are 3 essential steps to help you consider all the options and... Continue reading

Survey Uncovers 3 Key Ways to Improve Your Financial Habits

The lasting effects of COVID-19 have disrupted our daily lives, but as case counts start to drop and vaccination rates soar, society is finally beginning to look ahead to life after the pandemic. Last year, we investigated COVID’s effects on personal finances, revealing the alarming impact of the pandemic across three generations. Now, a new survey investigates current trends in our financial... Continue reading
Quicken Product Highlights

Quicken Product Highlights April 2021

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5 Personal Finance KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Businesses pay close attention to key performance indicators, or KPIs, in taking stock of their finances. Balance sheets compare assets to liabilities. Profit-and-loss statements and statements of cash flow report revenue and expenses. These kinds of KPIs are just as important when it comes to your personal finances. Knowing how your assets stack up against your debts or what percent of your... Continue reading

8 Extraordinary Women of Personal Finance

Quicken Celebrates Women’s History Month This March, in recognition of Women’s History Month, Quicken celebrates the many extraordinary women who are making history in this moment, shaping the world of personal finance. These thought leaders contribute every day to the vital efforts of personal finance awareness and education, drawing more and more women into the conversation by making personal... Continue reading