Quicken Product Highlights January 2021

This month we would like to highlight our bill tracking tools. Our bill tracking tools give you the opportunity to view all of your paid and upcoming bills in a single place. You should treat bill tracking as a “To Do” list, letting you know what needs to be paid and when. Tracking your bills also helps you use the projected balances and cash flow features in Quicken. The projected balance... Continue reading

Investing with Purpose: 5 Mission-Driven Trends to Watch in 2021

Anyone who even dabbles in investing has noted Tesla’s meteoric rise over the last year—a whopping 765% increase as of the time of this writing. The company’s stated mission? “Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.” (Just ask Google.) But Tesla isn’t the only company making financial waves with a purpose-driven mission. As the world emerges from one of the most challenging... Continue reading

10 Things to do in Quicken before the end of the year

As the year winds down, there’s no better time to catch up on your finances. These 10 things to do in Quicken will help you bring your finances up to date, set the right budget, maximize your savings, get a head start on tax season, and start your 2021 finances off on the right foot. 1. Get up to date Even if you usually keep your finances up to date, it’s easy to get behind from time to time,... Continue reading

Quicken Product Highlights December 2020

Our Quicken team has been busy improving the look and feel of our products. This month, we present the new Add Account process in Quicken for Windows, and updates to the look and feel of Quicken for Mac to take advantage of the new Big Sur release by Apple. Sweet sassy molassy have we got some cool things to show you this month! Do you know those super ugly Add Account windows we’ve been forcing... Continue reading

10 Unique and affordable holiday shopping gift ideas to keep your family close

If you’re holiday shopping on a budget in 2020, you’re not alone. This year has been full of financial challenges for many families, but you can still cherish the holiday season—and the joyful tradition of holiday shopping—with these 10 unique gift ideas for 2020. Our 2020 gift list has been hand selected to keep your family close, connecting you to loved ones near and far without breaking the... Continue reading

Managing Family Finances—How to Keep It All on Track and Under Control

Are your holiday traditions changing this year? If so, you’re in good company. While we hold on to the things that matter—family, friends, and the joy of the holiday season—our traditions will take new forms, evolving as we find new ways to celebrate and spend time together. As traditions (and families) change and grow, Quicken adapts to your needs, helping you manage the unique challenges of... Continue reading

Quicken Product Highlights November 2020

One of the main reasons Quicken software wins awards is how much you can customize it to meet your needs. You can change your entire category structure however you like. You can create naming rules for your favorite stores so you’re not stuck with the strange transaction names that come from the bank. You can invent your own tags to track your finances in brand new ways. And you can endlessly... Continue reading

Simplifi by Quicken: University Alumni Program

Quicken offers Simplifi to universities to help alumni prioritize their financial health Taking the reins on your personal finances is multi-faceted - it requires managing your credit cards and student debt, knowing where to invest the portion of your paycheck that’s leftover after rent and monthly bills, and understanding what you can afford to spend on travel, entertainment and other nice-to-... Continue reading

Creating a Budget

One of the most useful Quicken for the Mac features is the ability to create a budget. A budget is, essentially, a plan for your money. Having a budget allows you to designate the amounts you plan to spend in individual categories from food, to utilities, rent, entertainment, and so on. You can then track your spending to see if you stayed within budget for each category and either adjust your... Continue reading

Quicken Product Highlights October 2020

This month, the Quicken team is excited to share some of our featured capabilities in Quicken reporting. In Quicken for Windows, learn how to customize any report—not just the data it includes, but even things like the font and other visual settings. In Quicken for Mac, take a tour of the new Quicken Report Center. Quicken for Windows: Report Customization Quicken’s reports can show you just... Continue reading