Tips for Establishing a Line of Credit

A personal line of credit is a revolving account. You can use and reuse it without filling out a new application. The lender establishes a credit limit, but only charges interest on your borrowed amount. A personal line of credit gives you quick access to emergency money and can provide you with overdraft protection for your checking account. Interest rates on credit lines are usually higher than... Continue reading

Finances 101: Opening Your First Checking Account

Finances 101: Opening Your First Checking Account Opening your first checking account, no matter how old you are, is a sign of financial independence. In fact, it's almost a necessity to function financially. Before you open your first account, make sure you shop around to find the account that offers the best benefits. There's no one perfect account for everyone, so knowing which features are... Continue reading

Achieving Your Long-Term Financial Planning Goals With Less Risk

Achieving Your Long-Term Financial Planning Goals With Less Risk The commonly held perception of risk centers on the potential for the stock markets to crash or a bear market wiping out part of your savings toward your personal finance goals. Market professionals, on the other hand, look at risk as the comparison of potential returns to possible losses. To reach a certain level of return on... Continue reading

5 Places to Stash Your Cash

With interest rates today at rock-bottom levels, it’s understandable if you feel that low-risk savings options are not much better than stuffing your money in a mattress. But our topic here is not maximizing your return over the long term, we’re looking at where to put money you may need to access quickly. The focus for these funds is safety and liquidity, not a great return. Here’s a look at the... Continue reading

Budgeting: Stretch a Small Income

It's tough enough to make ends meet in a pricey city like San Francisco. It's even tougher when you're a grad student and a budding actress, and neither of you makes more than $27,000 a year. So if anyone knows how to stretch an income, it's Mickey Pentecost, 25, and Tina Huang, 24, who we interviewed in 2006. They had been married the previous June after dating since they were students at... Continue reading

Personal Finances: When's It Worth Going Into Debt?

To charge or not to charge? That’s a question the editors at Kiplinger hear a lot. Is it okay to go into debt for a wedding ring? Grad school? A car? Travel? Furniture? Of course, what the readers are really asking is if going into debt is worth the impact to their personal finances. The short answer: It’s usually not. When you’re in debt, you limit your options and you have less control over... Continue reading
Calculate your net worth using Quicken

How to Calculate Your Net Worth

To figure your net worth, you need to figure out how much everything you own is worth and how much money you owe to various creditors. Using a computer program, such as Quicken, can help you keep your finances in order and make calculating your net worth a piece of cake Net Worth Formula At the most basic level, your net worth is a measure of your assets minus your liabilities. Your assets... Continue reading

Career Advice As Financial Advice

The following is a guest post by Penelope Trunk. Financial advice comes in many shapes and sizes; but I’ve found that the best financial advice you’ll ever get is career advice. Even if you beat the Fortune 500 Index every year for the rest of your life, without a solid career, you’ll have so little money to invest that you’d probably wipe out all those gains with one year of unemployment... Continue reading

Post Brexit: What to Consider Before Investing in the Stock Market

Date: June 30, 2016 If you've put a little money aside and you're looking to make it grow, your thoughts might turn to investing in the stock market. Maybe you woke up one morning realizing that retirement is a bit closer than you thought so you want to bulk up your savings. Maybe you'd just like to have a little larger nest egg than you currently enjoy. Even if last week's Brexit vote may make... Continue reading

Taking Financial Inventory: Examining Your Spending Habits

Understanding how and where you spend your money is a big step toward hitting your financial goals. Even if you do not fall victim to the problem of having "month left at the end of the money," you may not be mindfully spending or saving your income in ways that reflect what you really want. An analysis of your spending habits can result in a low-maintenance and achievable way to watch your... Continue reading