Quicken Calculate ROI

How to Calculate Return on Investment

The return on investment (ROI) formula can help you understand how much you earn on an investment relative to its cost.  You can use the ROI investment formula to calculate ROIs on various types of investments, including stocks and bonds, and it can be helpful when you’re comparing two investments. You can also use it when reviewing your portfolio to understand which investments are performing... Continue reading
Quicken Build Good Financial Habits

How to Build Good Financial Habits

While most states are lifting portions of their shelter-in-place guidelines, the world as we know it won’t return to normal for the time being. We’ll still likely be spending most of our time indoors. But that may not be a bad thing. Spending more time at home gives us room to reflect, focus on self-care (especially now, when we need all the time we can get to decompress from the stress of the... Continue reading
Quicken Embrace Personal Finance

Preparing for a Recession: Embracing Your Personal Finances

COVID-19 has brought on a global recession, according to S&P Global. With much of the world sheltering-in-place to stop the spread, economies have slowed to a crawl. Americans alone have filed more than 30 million unemployment claims. While COVID-19 might be unlike anything we’ve faced in our lifetime, recessions aren’t. Preparing for a recession requires a few key steps now so you can help... Continue reading
Quicken Ten Essentials

Ten Essentials to Getting a Great Start With Quicken

Have your financial information ready When you set up Quicken, you are going to want to have your financial information at your fingertips before you begin. This includes a list of your accounts: Bank accounts Loans Credit cards Online billers (cable, utilities, services, etc.) You will want to have your login name and password ready for every online account you want to add. All of these types of... Continue reading
Quicken Covid Community

Celebrating the Quicken Community

For 30 years, our Quicken customers have consistently impressed us with the depth and breadth of their collective knowledge, insight, and resilience. Your response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been everything we knew it would be and more, reaching out to each other and to your communities in this time of need.  Continue reading
Quicken Covid Impact

What Does COVID-19 Mean For Our Personal Finances?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global disruption and brought an unprecedented level of uncertainty to daily life. Beyond health concerns, the short- and long-term impact on people’s personal finances is another major concern. With many businesses completely closed and others having to furlough or lay off employees, people across the country are finding themselves in difficult financial... Continue reading
Financial Illustrator

How to Improve Your Financial Literacy

April is financial literacy month. Officially kicked off by the federal government in 2004, financial literacy month is designed to raise public awareness around financial literacy and how we manage our money. And there’s at least one good reason to set aside an entire month for talking (and learning) finance: Money can really stress us out. A 2018 study by FINRA Investor Education Foundation... Continue reading
Spring Clean Finance

How to Spring Clean Your Finances

While the end of the year and subsequent new year’s resolutions may be one of the most popular times to review your personal finances and set new goals, it’s important to check in throughout the year. The start of spring aligns with the end of the first quarter of the year, a good point to spend a few hours and spring clean your finances. After you’re done with the household chores, that is. ... Continue reading
Quicken Budgeting Software 2

The Best Personal Finance Software to Reach Your Goals

Personal finance software can help you better understand and manage your finances. But finding the right program can depend on your goals and preferences.  Whether you want help managing your investments, tracking your income, or building a budget that sets you up for retirement, personal finance software can take on much of the heavy lifting.  Many options let you connect and sync your financial... Continue reading
Simplify Tax

How to Simplify Tax Time with Quicken

The more tax information you track in Quicken, the easier your life can be when tax time rolls around. And you don’t have to wait until your taxes are due to find out where you stand. In fact, you probably won’t want to. This guide shows you how to: Track your tax deductions Find new tax deductions Use the Tax Center Run tax reports Track your paycheck Use the Tax Planner Explore other tax... Continue reading