Hidden Banking Fees to Avoid

Date: June 27, 2016 The sound of a leaky faucet is not simply annoying — it represents wasted resources and money going down the drain. As a savvy consumer, you can avoid a similar loss in your banking services when you know where to plug the leaks. Some of the worst offenders silently siphon your cash in the form of hidden fees, but knowing more about the fees can help you avoid these losses.  ... Continue reading
How to Talk to Your Parents About Their Retirement Plans

How to Talk to Your Parents About Their Retirement Plans

Date: June 22, 2017 You love your parents, so you want to make sure they have enough saved for retirement, but having that conversation can be difficult. A 2014 study by Bankrate revealed that about 26 percent of Americans ages 50 to 64 have no retirement savings whatsoever. If your parents are in the same situation, it's not too late for them to start building a nest egg.   It's important to... Continue reading

Money-Saving Games and Strategies

Date: June 21, 2017 Try to explain the importance of saving money to some people and you might just hear snores in the middle of your well-intended lesson. Instead, introduce games and strategies into your talk and show them how saving money can be fun. Some low-tech strategies have been around for decades; others are perfectly tailored for a generation that grew up with a passion for computer... Continue reading
The Best Apps to Transfer Money

The Best Apps to Transfer Money

PayPal and Western Union are familiar traditional banking companies, but now almost everyone seems to be getting into the mobile banking industry. This convenient option fits well with our increasingly global society, allowing you to send money nationally — and sometimes internationally — with just the push of a few buttons. Continue reading

What Errors To Watch for on A Credit Report?

Date: June 26, 2017 Each year, you're entitled to one free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. This gives you an opportunity to review your reports and ensure that they're accurate. Errors do happen, so here's an overview of the top mistakes to watch out for. If you do find a mistake, you can have it corrected by following the instructions that come with the credit... Continue reading

How Do I Pick the Best Bank?

Picking a bank can feel a little like online dating, with lots of short profiles to pick from and everyone offering slightly different benefits. Don't be swayed by cheap gimmicks like a free T-shirt or another token gift when you're deciding. Changing banks can take time, especially if you have to update all your automatic bill pays and direct deposits, so choose wisely. Continue reading

Home Office Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Date: May 18, 2017 Working from home has become increasingly popular within a wide variety of industries, aside from small business entrepreneurs and freelancers. In fact, the telecommuting trend grew over six percent in 2016 alone! Over 3 million employees now spend more than half their time working from home offices. If you’re one of them, it makes sense to take a look at your work space,... Continue reading

Financial Strategies for Big Families

Date: May 30, 2016 Families come in all shapes and sizes. Some couples decide to have lots of children, but other scenarios that create big families are also possible. You might share your house with several generations or have "yours, mine and ours" kids after a second marriage. Whatever the make up, big families require more cash than small ones, and budgeting, investing and savings can be a... Continue reading

When Should Your Child Start Using a Credit Card?

Date: May 17, 2017 Ask a random sample of people about credit cards and you'll probably hear a range of answers — from how dangerous they can be for accumulating debt to how fantastic they are for racking up rewards or providing access to cash in an emergency. So it's no surprise there's debate over when parents should allow their children to start using credit cards. Knowing the pros and cons of... Continue reading

Seasonal Savings Plans

Date: June 10, 2016 When you hear the term "seasonal savings plan," you probably think of a special account used to put away funds for the December holiday season. That’s true, but seasonal savings plans can also help fund vacations, home renovations and even a down payment on a car. Some banks offer specific accounts geared for summer or winter savings, but it can also be just as easy to open a... Continue reading