How to Track Your Charitable Donations Just in Time for Tax Day

April 15, 2016 Thanks to a holiday falling on the same day as Tax Day, the date has been moved to April 18th this year! So, if you’re still working on finalizing your taxes, don’t forget about the charitable donations you made this year. If you donated to any causes close to your heart this year, take a look at some of these tips that can help you easily track your donations, so you can be... Continue reading

Four Steps to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Date: April 27, 2016 April is Financial Literacy Month and becoming financially literate doesn't necessarily mean expanding your vocabulary or picking up a degree in economics. What it means is that you have a firm grasp of your personal finances — where they are and where you want them to be. Since most people unfortunately don’t learn about financial literacy in school, we’ve compiled the below... Continue reading

Are Fees Eating Up Your Retirement Savings?

Date: September 4, 2017 Are Fees Eating Up Your Retirement Savings? Saving for retirement is a great first step in preparing for your golden years. While you probably check the returns in your retirement investment accounts periodically, you're likely not as keen on checking the fees. Though you usually won't write checks to pay for those retirement account fees, they will be paid out of your... Continue reading

How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?

When it comes to life insurance, there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. At first glance, $100,000 may seem like a lot of coverage. But if you have a growing family with a middle-class income and average household debts, that amount may only see your family through a few months of living expenses should something happen to you. Follow these six steps to calculate the right amount of life... Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Using Robo-Advisors

  If you're looking to get an edge in your investment portfolio without paying expensive fees, you may want to consider robo-advisors, the latest innovation in online investing. Before you decide, compare the pros and cons — while robo-advisors certainly have their advantages, they may not be right for everyone. Let's take a closer look to see if they are the right choice for you.   How Do Robo-... Continue reading

How to Lower Your Tax Burden

How to Lower Your Tax Burden Paying taxes usually isn't high on people's lists of things they like to do, but it's the law. But you can take steps to lower your tax burden. Many techniques require some planning, so the earlier you start thinking about your tax bill, the more opportunities you'll have to lower it. Contribute to Pretax Retirement Accounts Contributing to a traditional 401(k) or 403... Continue reading

What is Credit Card Churning?

What is Credit Card Churning? Credit cards have come a long way from simple convenience cards issued by banks. Many come with extra benefits and rewards these days, such as airline miles, hotel points or cash back. To maximize the benefits offered, so-called "credit card churners" try to open as many of these accounts as possible while incurring the least amount of damage to their credit scores... Continue reading

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

You've made sure your pet is spayed or neutered and all its vaccinations are up to date, but as we all know, there’s more we can do to make man’s best friend the healthiest they can be. When your fluffy  companion gets sick or injured, it's off to the veterinarian where you could end up facing a big bill. You may have considered buying pet insurance, but you're not sure it's worth the added... Continue reading

How to Create Student Budget and Stick to it

How to Create Student Budget and Stick to It College is the first step toward independence for many young people, but don't neglect financial independence in your rush to exercise your new social freedom. Most students won't have sufficient income during college to start putting away money for the future, but everyone needs to learn budget basics — how to make a money plan and stick to it.... Continue reading
8 Financial Tips for Teens

8 Financial Tips for Teens

Even teens who shine in subjects like calculus and chemistry often fall short when it comes to real-world finance. According to the non-profit Council for Economic Education, only 13 percent of American high schools require students to complete a personal finance course to graduate. This means that most teens must rely on their parents or their own research to figure out how to handle money. A... Continue reading