New Ways of Networking

Maybe it's the forced nature of the classic networking event that puts some people off — being stuck in a conference room, armed with only a drink and some business cards. There are alternatives to the traditional meet-and-greet that feel more natural and allow you to shine without the pressure of performing for the typical networking crowd.   Targeted Activities If you find traditional... Continue reading

Surprising Perks to Tracking Your Finances

Closely tracking your income and spending has some obvious benefits when it comes to meeting your financial obligations and living within your means. In addition to making sure there's enough money to cover essential and discretionary spending, there are other surprising perks that reward the time and effort you put into tackling your personal finances. Continue reading

Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards: Which is Better for Borrowing?

When you need to borrow money, two quick options include personal loans and credit cards. Although using a card helps with the instant gratification of making a purchase, the dangers of minimum payments and high interest rates are real. Personal loans may provide lower interest, but fixed payments that are due monthly might take a big chunk out of your budget. Understanding the strengths and... Continue reading

How to Cut the Cable Cord

How to Cut the Cable Cord With the cost of cable and satellite in U.S. homes averaging $125 a month, it's not surprising that more and more Americans are cutting the cord. With easy computer to TV connection and smart TVs — you'll never miss a show — or your cable bill.   Figure Out Your Viewing Habits Make a list of the TV shows your family can't live without. They might include local news,... Continue reading

How to Go on a "Financial Diet"

The comparison between saving money and cutting calories goes beyond clever analogies. Some principles have much in common, such as the slow-is-best approach. Quick weight loss and sudden money-saving ideas may produce short-term results, but they rarely address underlying conditions where effective, ongoing change can be introduced. Like dieting, spending works best based on a plan. When your... Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

For better or worse, cloud computing seems to be the wave of the future when it comes to document storage and retrieval. Getting worldwide access to any saved document at the touch of a button is now an easily achievable reality. Cloud computing isn't without its pitfalls, however. Relying on an entirely electronic network brings a host of security and accessibility concerns that must be... Continue reading

Business Travel Hacks to Know

For those whose jobs keep them constantly on the road, they know that traveling for business is often an unglamorous affair. However, with a few travel hacks in tow, your business trip can be more comfortable, and you may even accrue some benefits to use on your next vacation.   Keep Your Air Miles You know all those air miles you accrued when you went on vacation? Turns out that in many cases... Continue reading

Invoicing Tips for Freelancers

You probably love the freedom of the freelancer's life: no bosses; no rules but the ones you make yourself; no set working hours; no dress code. You are literally your own boss and bookkeeper, with all the organizational responsibilities that come with that freedom. It's much easier to stay on track financially when you get organized and stay organized. Here are a few tips to help you do that... Continue reading

Can Telemedicine Cut Your Health Care Costs?

Some call it "Docs in a Box," and it's already reducing health care costs dramatically. Telemedicine is new technology that lets doctors see patients via Skype-like computer programs. Millions of Americans have used telemedicine already, and up to 70 percent of doctor visits can be handled this way at a much lower cost than in-person visits. Continue reading

How to Leverage Social Media for Financial Advice

When you think of seeking financial advice, most people don't think of social media as a resource. Traditionally, you had to go to a bank or a brokerage house to get fresh financial advice. Now, with the advantages of social media, you can link up with advisers or like-minded investors online to discuss all types of financial information.   Seeking a Financial Adviser Social media offers numerous... Continue reading