How to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

If you find it difficult to save money, you're certainly not alone. Only 48 percent of Americans have more than $1,000 in their savings accounts, and one in five Americans don't even have a savings account. Here are a few ways to trick yourself into the healthy habit of saving. Continue reading

How to Protect Your Business from Cyberfraud

With so many large data hacks dominating recent headlines; it would be easy to assume that only large corporations are the targets of cybercrime. But even small business owners can fall victim. In order to protect your business and your employees' sensitive data, it's best to be proactive when it comes to preventing fraud. Developing a plan to protect data isn't difficult, but effective security... Continue reading

Ways to Minimize Student Loan Debt

Student loans are a normal part of the college experience these days, but it's still a good idea to keep your post- graduation debt as small as possible. Having a good game plan and making a serious budget helps you to avoid leaving college with bloated debt. Continue reading

A Financial Checklist When Traveling Abroad

Gone are the days when you needed traveler's checks to shop or conduct business abroad. But that doesn't mean you should run to the international airport with only a wing and a prayer. It pays to take the time to get ready and get set at least a week before you go. Continue reading

How to Turn Your Internship Into a Job Offer

Sometimes internships teach you exactly what you don't want to do in life, but the right internship can ignite a passion and potentially evolve into a full-time position. If you think you've found the right fit, take the necessary steps to turn a beloved internship into a dream job. Continue reading

Top Tips for Career Changes for 40-Somethings

"Hold on to what you've got." As employment advice, this is as much a relic of years past as dial telephones. It used to be that you decided on a career as a young adult, and then stuck to it valiantly no matter what. These days, young people change jobs several times in the first decade of their working lives. And mid-life workers, longing for meaningful work, often make the leap to a new career... Continue reading

How to Build Credit While Attending College

While a college campus is a hotbed of learning, most students are in serious need of a class on credit 101.  Teens are not traditionally thought of as responsible spenders, and most students enter campus without even knowing the basics of building and maintaining good credit.  Often saddled with student loans and other debt, it's more important than ever to get schooled on good credit habits. Continue reading

Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Moving in together as a couple is a different dance from dating, and you'll have to learn some new moves and practice some old ones to make sure you don't step on each other's toes. You can defy some traditions — like carrying your significant other over the threshold of your new apartment — but you'll have to follow others, like paying rent. Continue reading

How Much to Save for Health Care in Retirement?

Housing, food and vacations shouldn't be your only concerns when it comes to retirement planning. Failing to account for health care costs can be financially disastrous; especially when you consider that those costs often increase the longer we live. Although the cost of health care in our retirement years can vary, here are some tips to help you estimate how much you'll need. Continue reading

Can You Do a Rollover If You Haven't Changed Jobs?

The automatic payroll deductions and matching contributions make it easy and appealing to stash cash into an employer’s retirement plan. However, once the money is in, it's not as easy to get it out if you're still working at the same company — even if you just want to roll it over into another retirement plan. The rules for moving your nest egg to greener pastures before you change jobs or... Continue reading