How Personalities Affect Spending

Everyone may pay the same way — either with cash, credit or debit — but the experience of spending money can be radically different from one person to the next. Understanding how your personality affects your spending habits may help you reign in those impulse purchases.   Experiential Personalities People who prefer spending money on new experiences rather than to collect material possessions... Continue reading
The Advantages of Buying a Home Versus Renting an Apartment

The Benefits of Home Ownership

Buying a home has always been built into the American dream, but in the wake of the housing crash, a new generation of homebuyers is treading more carefully. While renting is more flexible, buying a home has the bigger potential long-term payoff, with tax advantages and quality-of-life benefits. Comparing the costs of buying are more varied and complicated than for renting, so it's important to... Continue reading
Ways To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Ways To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Remember playing on a seesaw when you were a kid? It isn't any fun when one child is substantially bigger than the other. Coordinating work obligations and personal time is a lot like the seesaw's teeter-totter effect. Constant stress from a never-ending workday hurts relationships, damages health and reduces your overall happiness. Finding a balance is essential if you want to keep stress at bay. Continue reading
What percent of your paycheck should you spend each week?

What Percentage of Your Paycheck Should You Spend Each Week?

Managing finances looked so easy in grade school with those cute pie charts sliced into brightly colored wedges. But, out in the real world, dividing up your paycheck into spending and saving requires some additional calculating and a bit of shuffling. While you won't find a magic formula that sets out hard-and-fast rules for divvying up income, financial planners offer several possible ways to... Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Early Retirement

Early retirement is a dream for many workers. Who doesn't look forward to having the freedom to spend more time with family and friends, to travel the world or just enthusiastically pursue hobbies — all with a sound financial cushion? Like many dreams, however, retiring early comes with both pros and cons. Understanding the effects of early retirement can help you make the right decision for you... Continue reading

Ways to Better Organize Your Bills

Keeping track of bills can be stressful, but developing a system to pay them on time at least ensures that you won't be hit with late fees and penalties. Here are some tips for a better payment experience to streamline your finances. Continue reading

Investing Tips for 40-Somethings

When you're in your 40s, you are passing through a life stage that brings with it many money pressures. You're looking toward a retirement that requires adequate funding, while your kids may be planning for college. Here are a few tips that can help balance the competing and urgent financial goals of 40-somethings. Continue reading

Financial Tips After Landing a Promotion

A promotion is certainly a career event to be celebrated, but you've worked hard for your money, so treat it right. Fortunately, there are several steps to take that will help you make the most of your growing income. Continue reading

How to Use Software for Rental Property Management

The Rental Protection Agency reports that over 22 million Americans are landlords, with more than 500 new landlords entering the business daily. When you own rental property, staying on top of the numbers simplifies all aspects of managing your business, from rent collection and property maintenance costs to tax payment calculations. Quicken's Rental Property Manager software has all the tools a... Continue reading

How Long Does It Take to Rebuild a Credit Score?

Your credit score is something you might not think about until you need it. If you find yourself applying for new credit, your past credit missteps can catch up with you. Typically, a lower credit score translates into higher interest rates on everything from a home mortgage to a car loan. If you need to rebuild your credit, the sooner you start, the better. Continue reading