Get a Clear Picture of Your Finances with Quicken Expense Reporting

Whether you're tracking your family's spending budget, or your home business expenditures, Quicken expense reporting software can instantly pull the financial information you need to see with handy reporting features.
Select a report and Quicken expense reports software automatically fills your data - giving you access to a complete picture of the health of your finances:
  • See where you're spending your money and how it impacts your net worth
  • Learn where you can decrease your spending to reduce your debt
  • Visualize your income, expenses and net worth as charts or graphs


Quicken Cash Manager Personal Expense Reports

Wondering How to Budget? Use Quicken Reports... And Create a Budget Report in Just a Click

Quicken Cash Manager includes 40+ essential finance & personal expense budget reports, such as:

  • Bond Maturity Report: Get a clear picture of how your bonds are performing
  • Cash Flow Details: See where your money comes from, and where it goes
  • Current vs. Average Spending: Compare your current spending habits to previous months
  • Income & Expenses by Category: How much does your family earn, and what do you spend it on
  • Income & Expenses Graph: Get a visual representation of your income vs. your expenses
  • Itemized Categories: What transactions are going into and out of your account
  • Spending by Payee Graph: What bills are you paying and who are you paying them to

Quicken Home & Business Expense Reports

Check the Status of Your Finances Fast - With Home Business Software Reports

Quicken Home & Business includes all the expense reports in Cash Manager, as well as other exclusive business reports like:

  • Investment Transactions Report: See a display of the subtotal of your shares
  • Business Project/Job Report: Find out where your small business is profitable and where those profits are spent
  • Portfolio Value & Cost Basis: See what your portfolio is worth at a certain date and how your investment distribution has shifted
  • Investing Portfolio Value Report: See the value of your entire portfolio using an easy-to-understand graph