Quicken Home & Business Software for 2016 (PC Edition)

Quicken Home & Business Software for 2016 (PC Edition)

Quicken Home & Business 2016


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Quicken Personal Finance Management Canada
See where your money goes, monitor your investments and manage your home-based business finances with Quicken Home & Business. This home business software has all the tools of Quicken Cash Manager - plus:
  • Helps you choose the TFSA account type when setting up an investment account
  • Lets you review and work with transactions from your spending, asset and liability accounts with the All Transactions register
  • A projected account balances graph that shows you how much money you have left after upcoming bills and income
  • Bond maturity report
  • Investment Transactions report now displays a shares subtotal

You can also track federal and provincial taxes (including the HST). See how your business is doing and which tax deductions you qualify for.

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Because You Have to Make Hundreds of Decisions a Day - Make Decisions About Your Personal Finances Easily.

Quicken Home & Business organizes your finances by bringing your online accounts together - including chequing, savings, credit cards, loans and investments. Quicken home business software downloads your transactions from major Canadian financial institutions

You can also easily manage your home business. Organize estimates, invoices, payments and easily see your complete financial picture. So at the end of the day, you have all the info you need to make the right financial decisions for you & your family.


Make the Most of Your Investments.

So You Get More in the Long (or Short) Term.

Keep a close eye on your investments, in near real-time! Quicken Home & Business features automatic stock updates every 15 minutes, so you'll always have the latest information when deciding to buy, sell or hold.

Plus you can analyze your investment performance easily with tools that help you make sense of your investments:

  • Download daily stock & mutual fund prices1
  • Compare your investments to market indices1
  • Reconcile your quarterly statements
  • Calculate & analyze your net worth

See a Complete Snapshot of Your Home Business Success.

(Including a View of How Profitable Your Projects Really Are)

Quicken Home & Business shows how your business is performing. You can even plan & manage your business taxes. Review your business tax deduction summary... and see quickly where the money you're spending today can actually help you out at tax time.

Control Your Business Finances.

Keep ahead of accounts receivable & payable while tracking multiple projects per customer. Create customized estimates, statements, invoices & more.

See how much money you have after bills are paid.

The Cash Flow Graph shows how much you money you'll have after paying upcoming bills and income. Quicken home business software categorizes your expenses so you can see where you are spending, and where you could save.

Customizable Register Display.

The Customizable Register allows you to display all your financial information the way YOU want to see it.

Who Knew Budget Software Could Make It So Effortless to Manage Your Cash?

Never miss a bill or pay late fees/penalties again! Quicken financial planning software allows you to set reminders when bills are due on an easy to read calendar.

With Quicken Cash Manager, you can control everyday spending and save for what you want most. Plus:

  • Balance your chequebook
  • Download your bank transactions directly into Quicken1

Create Over 40 Finance & Budgeting Reports.

Select a report, and Quicken automatically fills your data - giving you instant access to a complete picture of the health of your finances. See where you are spending your money and how it impacts your net worth  Learn where you can decrease your spending to reduce your debt  Visualize your income, expenses and net worth as charts or graphs.

Learn more about Quicken Expense Reports

Create Customized Plans for Retirement, Saving or Getting Out of Debt.

Use clickable tabs to move around Quicken faster. Follow a clearer navigation to locate the tools you need. And use the interactive account bar to see exactly what you're working on at any given moment. It's all part of how Quicken 2011 financial planning software is simplifying financial management.