It's Here! Upgrade to Quicken 2016 Family Budgeting Software!
How do I switch my existing data if I upgrade to the 2016 version of Quicken Family Budget Software?

Quicken is designed to automatically convert your existing data into the new version. When you install the new version of Quicken family budget software, it finds the older version of Quicken on your computer, and then imports your data file and preferences. In addition, a backup copy of your data is created just in case you need to refer back to the older version. 

To learn about switching your existing Quicken data to a new version if you upgrade, click here

Quicken Cash Manager 2016
Quicken Cash Manager 2016
Set Personal Financial Goals & Save More

Track, balance & budget your money with Quicken Cash Manager's easy-to-use tools, including Quicken's electronic chequebook — it works just like your paper chequebook.

  • Track & categorize where your money is going with one-click spending reports
  • Create and follow a budget using easy family budgeting software
  • Determine how to reduce your debt
  • Plan for your financial future
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Quicken Home & Business 2016
Quicken Home & Business 2016
Manage Personal & Business Finances, Plus Investments

Quicken Home & Business family budget software includes all the features of Quicken Cash Manager – plus comprehensive financial management tools and the ability to monitor your investments.

  • Optimize your portfolio
  • Track its performance
  • Calculate if you're getting ahead financially
  • Create finance and budgeting reports

You can also manage your home business finances – including organizing estimates, invoices & payments – and easily see your complete financial picture.

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