Confessions Of A Mac Convert

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Hello, my name is Aaron, and I am a recent Mac convert.

As one of the last hold outs at (now the Personal Finance Group for Intuit, overseeing all Quicken products), I have no idea how I lived without the beautiful screen and crisp, glossy, candy-like colors that a Mac produces.

Beyond the UI, I love how intuitive everything is, and how well iPhoto, iMovie – really, iEverything – work. And now we’re bringing that same feel to a long overdue Quicken Essentials for Mac. Think glossy, easy to navigate, easy to understand. Check out these screen shot previews of Quicken for Mac, and decide for yourself:

Now, because it’s my personal style, and because if I weren’t straightforward, Mac fans above any others would let me know, I’ll say straight out: the product doesn’t do everything. It won’t do stock lot accounting or bill pay (but it might in late 2010, if enough people ask for it), though we also will support past versions if you need them now.

Quicken Essentials for Mac

Quicken Essentials for Mac will, however, link to nearly 14,000 banks, credit cards, credit unions, loans, and investment accounts. It will give you a picture of what you have and what you owe. In a glance, Quicken Essentials for Mac will show you where you’re spending – and where you’re overspending.

It will let you set easy, no hassle budgets, tell you what bills are due so that you can avoid pesky bank fees, and show you your portfolio holdings across all of your accounts. And for 90% of us, that’s exactly what we need: a quick handle on our personal finances to feel under control.

Intuit’s Quicken Mac products have had a storied past…but as of last month (Nov 2009), management is in charge – with the product and design know-how that has won numerous awards. And we’re Mac fans. And users.

And for those of you who are recent converts, we’ve written the mother of all converters. You can now move to Quicken Essentials Mac 2010 from Quicken Windows (2006-2010), Quicken Mac (nearly any version), and from Microsoft Money.

The new product will release in the first quarter of next year, and we’d love to hear back from users about the new look, feel and functionality. We’ll also be using feedback from customers to rank which features will be developed first. To provide feedback please join our Quicken Inner Circle, at

Aaron Patzer

VP and GM of Intuit’s Personal Finance Group