Quicken Mobile Companion App – User Guide


Thank you for choosing Quicken!

Quicken on your mobile device (iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or tablet) syncs with your desktop data and makes keeping track of your money easy when you're on the go. You can receive customizable alerts and notifications about your account balances, fees, and spending patterns.

What to know:

  • Your data moves in both directions – to and from your desktop and mobile devices. Quicken will sync everything so you always have the latest information.
  • At the end of a sync everything matches – Accounts, transactions, balances, wherever you choose to view your data.

Note: For investments, you can currently sync your accounts, their balances, and your watch list; however, investment transactions are not currently synced to your mobile device.

This guide tells you how to:

So, get the app and stay in sync!

Install the app on your mobile device

  1. From the iTunes or Android
  2. a> app stores, download the Quicken app for free.


Set up Quicken Windows for mobile sync


Intro Page


Getting Started Page

  • Select the Checking, Savings, Investments, Credit, or Cash accounts you'd like to see on your Quicken Mobile app and click Done

Edit Account Page


Getting Started Page

  • Now sync your accounts. There are 2 ways to sync from the desktop: Online Services
    • Click Update Accounts Update Accounts icon to download new transactions and sync data to your mobile device. Make sure that Sync to Quicken Cloud is selected
    • Go to the Mobile & Alerts tab and click Sync Now in the upper right corner to sync with the Quicken Mobile app.

Set up Quicken Mac for mobile sync

Mac Mobile alerts

  • There are 2 ways to sync
    • Click Update Alls in the bottom left corner to download new transactions and sync mobile data.
    • Go to the Preferences > Mobile & Alerts tab and click Sync Now to sync with mobile.


See a quick summary

Datafile/Dataset screen: If you have synced more than one file from your Quicken desktop, you would be able to view the list of synced files when you login to the mobile app. Tapping the file name would take you to the overview screen.

iOS Android
iOS Multi Files Android Multi Files

Overview screen: Tap the Overview section. A high-level summary of your finances is displayed.

iOS Android
iOS Overview Android Overview

Here’s what you’ll see on this screen:

  • Your cash and credit balances. Tap an account name to see the balances in that account.
  • Your income and expenses for the month, and what’s left. Tap to view by category or payee.
  • Your latest alert, and the total number of unread alerts. Tap to learn more.
  • Your spending by category, spending over time, and income over time. Tap to drill down on each area.


View your accounts

To view your accounts, tap anywhere in the Accounts section of the Overview screen.

iOS Android
iOS Accounts Android Accounts

Here’s what you’ll see on this screen:

  • The accounts you’ve chosen to sync.
  • Your online balances. Note: If you have pending transactions, they’re not shown here.
  • The balance of all accounts. This is the sum of the accounts and transactions on your mobile device.
  • The date of the last account update is displayed below the account balance.


View and edit your transactions

To view your account transactions, tap the account name in the Accounts section of the Overview screen.

Here’s what you’ll see on this screen:

Note: A pending transaction is a transaction that hasn’t cleared at your bank. It could also be a future-dated transaction that you’ve entered in the desktop software.

  • Your account balance on the top of the screen.
  • For accounts connected to your bank, swipe the balance line to switch between
    • Online balance - the sum of the transactions that have cleared in your bank, as of today.
    • Ending balance - the online balance plus the sum of your pending transactions.
  • For accounts not connected to your bank, you’ll see the transactions sorted by date, with the most recent at the top. Click on the balance bar to switch between:
    • Current balance - the sum of transactions entered into the register, as of today.
    • Ending balance – the current balance plus the sum of your pending transactions. Pending transactions are listed first.
  • Tap a transaction to change its payee, date, category, tag, or memo.


Add new transactions

To enter a new transaction on your mobile device:

  1. Tap Add icon on your iOS or Menu icon on your Android device and choose Add Transaction.
  2. Based on your location, Quicken presents a list of local merchants. You can choose one of them as the payee, or enter a payee of your own.
  3. Quicken defaults to a debit or credit card expense. If needed, you can tap Expense to record a check, add an income transaction, or to change the account.
  4. Use the keypad to enter the transaction amount and tap Next.
  5. Assign a category, tag, and memo. To save time, you can skip these for now. You can sync and update the transaction later in your desktop software.
  6. Tap Done. The transaction is added to the account on your mobile device. The next time you sync, it’ll sync to your desktop software.



To record a transfer in the Quicken mobile app:

iOS Android
iOS Accounts Android Accounts
  1. Select Transfer as the category for the transaction. After you sync the transaction to your desktop software, you’ll see that the transfer is assigned to an unspecified account.
  2. Simply choose the correct account and sync again. The correct transfer will then appear on your mobile device.


Split Transactions

To work with split transactions in the Quicken app, the transactions must be downloaded from your bank into the Quicken app or created in your desktop software as a split and then synced to your mobile app.

iOS Android
iOS Split Android Split

You can also split your transaction in the mobile device directly. (Note: this is not possible on devices with Android versions 5 or below).

  1. Select the transaction you wish to split.
  2. Tap Split on top right of your iOS or Android device.
  3. Select categories and enter appropriate amount.
  4. Click on SAVE.



We are currently working hard on creating a better budget experience. Look for an update soon.



See where your money goes

To take a look at where your money is going, tap anywhere in the Cashflow section of the Overview screen.

iOS Android
iOS Spent Android Spent

What to know:

  • Your expenses for the current month are listed first - sorted by category amount, in descending order. Tap to see the transactions associated with a category.
  • Your income (or other credits) for the month are listed at the end. Again, tap to see the transactions.
  • Tap Payee to sort your expenses by payee amount instead of category amount.
  • If you continue to drill down, you can change the categories assigned to transactions


Get and customize alerts

To take a look at your account notifications, tap anywhere in the Alerts section of the Overview screen.

iOS Android
iOS Alerts Android Alerts

What to know:

  • The alerts you’ve chosen to receive are listed.
  • To add or remove alerts and to set when each alert is triggered, go to the Mobile & Alerts tab in the desktop software.
  • Tap an alert for more information. For example, the screenshot on the right, if you tap Unusual Spending you’ll see the transactions behind that spending.
  • The number displayed in the Alerts section on the Overview screen represents the number of unread alerts on the mobile device.
  • To delete an alert on an iOS device, touch it then swipe your finger horizontally. A red Delete icon appears allowing you to delete the alert. On an Android device, tap and hold the alert, then choose Dismiss.


Stay safe and secure

Quicken understands that the privacy and security of your personal financial data is of the utmost importance to you.

What to know:

  • Your Quicken desktop software and mobile app use encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to secure the transmission of your financial information over the Internet.
  • Your Quicken Cloud ID password is not saved on your mobile device

Things that you can do further protect your data:

To passcode protect the Quicken app on your mobile device, tap the Settings button and then Passcode. This passcode will then be required to access your Quicken data.

To completely remove Quicken data from your mobile device (don’t worry, it’s easy to get back with a mobile sync!), go into Settings and tap Sign Out. The next time you use the app, just sign in again and your data will be restored.

To deactivate Quicken on your mobile devices, contact support - www.quicken.com/support



Thank you again!

We sincerely hope this short guide gets you up-and-running with the Quicken mobile app. We really appreciate your business and work hard every day to make Quicken the best personal finance solution on the market.