About Designing Business Forms in Quicken Home & Business

You're proud of your business. You want it to reflect your personality, your style. Even more important, you want your customers to recognize your touch and remember your work. One way to make your mark is to send out invoices, estimates, and other types of notices that show your personal touch. You can design new layouts for several of your business forms in the Forms Designer.

  • Creating a form layout

    Quicken provides default layouts for Estimate, Invoice, and Credit forms. You can use the layouts as they are, or you can use the Forms Designer to create new layouts.

    For example, you can design and save one layout for services and another for products. You can name each layout when you design it and then select the layout you want from the Layout list when you create the form.

  • Editing a form layout

    You can edit existing layouts to better suit your needs. You can add, remove, or rename items, or change their size and position; likewise you can add, remove, or change the size of columns.

  • Adding a company logo and address to a form layout

    In addition to editing the items that are included in a form layout, you can further customize the layout by adding your company logo and address.

  • Copying and renaming a form layout

    Suppose you've worked hard on customizing an invoice. You've carefully placed all the layout items exactly where you want them, and your logo looks just right. But this layout is for your consulting work, and you want a slightly different layout for the retail side of your business. Do you have to start from scratch?

    No. You can copy the layout, and make any minor changes you need.

  • Printing a form layout

    A good way to double-check your customized layout is to print it. You can print a version of your layout with sample data in it directly from the Forms Designer.