Add an account to track a line of credit

When you add a new account, Quicken adds it to the Account List (choose Tools menu > Account List). In most cases, you'll want to add all of your household's accounts in the same Quicken data file, so that you can track all your finances in one place.

Quicken Data File - The data file you use in Quicken. It represents a collection of Quicken accounts. Adding accounts to the same Quicken data file enables you easily enter transfer transactions between accounts, and to include any or all accounts in the same file in reports. In cases when you need to keep accounts separate (such as when you maintain personal and business accounts), you might want to have two data files.

  1. At the bottom of the Account Bar, click Add an Account.
  2. Click Credit Card and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. At the bottom of the Add Credit Card dialog, click Advanced Setup.
  4. Click I want to enter my transactions manually.
  5. Enter a meaningful name for the account, such as Line of Credit.
  6. Enter today's date, and today's balance.

Have a home equity line of credit?

If you have a home equity line of credit, use a Quicken Home Equity Line (HELOC) account instead of a credit card account.


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