Adding new Online Payees in Quicken for Mac

To make an online payment using Direct Connect Bill Pay, you need to first provide information to Quicken about the biller or individual to whom you want to make the payment. Quicken stores this information in your Payee list for future use. You can add all your online payees in advance, or add them as needed directly from the register.

Note: From time to time, compare your payee information with a recent statement from your payee to make sure that you still have the correct address and account number.

To add Online Payees via the Payee List:

  • Go to the Window > Payees. Add payees as explained in the Manage Payee section.
  • You need to provide the following additional information:
    • Address. Enter the mailing address of the payee. For individuals and smaller billers, the amount may be paid by a paper check, so a correct address is very important.
    • Account Number. Enter any account number that is associated with the payee. Check your paper statement or biller’s website to verify the correct account number. If you do not have an account number for the payee, for example when making a onetime payment or an paying an individual; you can enter a telephone number or a memo for reference.
    • Description. This field is optional. However, it is useful if you need to create two Online Payees with the same name. For example, #1 Payee Name: Midwest Wireless; Description: My Phone and #2 Payee Name: Midwest Wireless; Description: Spouse’s Phone. In this scenario, payments for both payees will be sent to Midwest Wireless. However, they will be listed in the register and Payee List as Midwest Wireless {My Phone} and Midwest Wireless {Spouse’s Phone}.
  • Click Done After completing the required fields.

You can now use this payee when creating a Bill Pay transaction. You can also add Online Payees when entering a new Bill Pay transaction in the register. Here are the methods of how to do this:

Just enter the name and save

  • Enter the desired payee in the Payee field.
  • Select the date and amount to pay.
  • When you click Save, you’ll be prompted to complete the required Online Payee information.
  • Complete the form and click Done. Your transaction will be entered and ready to send.

Use the auto complete menu option

  • Enter the desired payee name in the Payee field.
  • Before exiting the Payee field, choose Add new Online Payee… from the autocomplete menu that appears below. You’ll be prompted to complete the required Online Payee information.
  • Complete the form and click Done.
  • When you click Save, your transaction will be entered and ready to send. You can also click Send Now to immediately send the payment instructions to your financial institution.


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