Adjust a Share Balance

Through the Quicken investment account register, you can edit share balances, remove securities, and delete shares that you no longer own without affecting your cash balance.

To remove the shares of a security:

  1. In the Investment Account register, click Enter Transactions.
  2. Select Remove shares from the drop-down menu, and then fill out the other fields with the appropriate info.
  3. Select enter/new to complete this transaction and enter another, or select enter/done, then click OK.

To adjust the number of shares:

  1. With the Investment Account register open, from the Quicken Investing menu, choose Investing Activities.
  2. Click Update my share balance.
  3. Select the security, and then enter the date and the final number of shares into their corresponding fields.
  4. Click OK
    Note: Quicken will create transactions to adjust the share balance without affecting the cash balance. Shares removed will be removed at cost. Shares added will be purchased at a price of $0.