Asset Class of a Security Changes After Downloading Class Info

The Asset Class of a security will change to other when detailed asset class information is not available for download. To specify an Asset Class manually:

  1. From the Quicken Investing menu, choose Securities List.
  2. Select the security, and click Edit.
  3. If the security has a single asset class, select Single under Asset Class.
  4. From the Asset Class drop-down list, select the asset class assigned to the security.
  5. If this is a mutual fund, select Mixture and then click Specify Mix.
  6. In the Asset Class Mixture window, select the asset class assigned to the mutual fund. If you are unsure of the asset class contact your broker for the correct mix.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Once the correct asset class is assigned, clear the Download Asset Class Information checkbox and then click OK.

The asset class for this security will no longer be updated. The information will need to be manually maintained.


Asset Class for a Fund Of Funds security will not be downloaded as a Mixture, but as 100% Other.

Fund Of Funds (FoF) is a fund that is comprised of several other funds, each with their own Asset Mixture.

Quicken Quotes are not setup to download this type of Fund.

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