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Assets and planned (future) assets may produce income or might be items that you are willing to sell to finance your retirement. Current or planned assets might include:

  • Your primary residence
  • A second home
  • Commercial real estate
  • A business
  • Precious metals

Be careful when your plan is based on selling an asset. Assets are typically not liquid; this means it takes time, effort and money to sell the asset, and the price you receive can vary widely depending on the market conditions when you sell it. If you are basing your plan on selling an asset or a home, be sure you are confident that you can get the sale price you need when you need it.

If you've sold an asset (including a house)

Don't just delete it!

  1. In the Asset Accounts dialog, edit the entry for the asset.
  2. Click Sale Info.
  3. Edit the first dialog and click Next.
  4. Select I plan to sell this asset on and select the planned sale date.

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