Bill Me Later and PayPal Credit

Questions have been raised about handling the migration of Bill Me Later accounts to PayPal Credit. This article is intended to address those questions.

Do I have to move my Bill Me Later account to PayPal Credit?

Bill Me Later website is offering customers a choice - keep using Bill Me Later or convert your account(s) to PayPal Credit. From what we see, this is a voluntary migration relying on the account holder to decide how they want to access & use their account(s) going forward.

What if I choose to migrate my Bill Me Later account(s) to PayPal Credit?

Quicken will need to complete a process to continue getting your data through downloads in the product. This process involves deactivating the account(s) for online services then reactivating using PayPal as the financial institution name.

What credentials do I use in Quicken if I opted to migrate my Bill Me Later over to PayPal Credit?

The login you provide to Quicken is the same login you use for your PayPal account at their website. If you are uncertain what this is, or have not yet established your PayPal account for online access, please contact PayPal Online Banking Support for further assistance. Go to (preferred) or call 402-935-2050.

What if I'm receiving a CC-508 or Error 108 in Quicken?

This error is returned when you have a pop-up message at the financial institutions website requiring your action (click OK, or make a choice, or choose Agree or other User Action Required). Bill Me Later is presenting this migration option, which will present the User Action Required messaging to Quicken until you have made your decision. Log into the Bill Me Later website and take the action you want to use in order to resolve the error message, then take action if you opted for the migration to PayPal.


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