Budget does not Display Trailing 12 Month View and Custom Date Range Option

Although the custom date range option is not available in Quicken's Home window, you can customize a budget by many date ranges in budget reports and the following can be selected for the Home screen:

  • Monthly
  • Last 3 months
  • Last 6 months
  • Quarter to date
  • Last Quarter
  • Last year
  • Year to date
  • All time

View the Advanced Budget window to see trailing 12 months view for each budgeted category along with its detail view.  The advanced Budget window allows you to customize existing budgets by allowing you to add or remove categories, assign new category groups and change amounts.

  1. Select the Planning tab at the top in Quicken, then select Budgets underneath.
  2. Click on the Budget Actions drop-down menu in the upper right, then select Advanced Budget.

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