Can Quicken Rental Property Manager Print Rent Receipts

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Problem Description

Quicken Rental Property Manager does not have the ability to print Rent Receipts.  You can attach receipts created outside of Quicken (ex: hand written receipts), as a method of retaining those copies for your records, by following these instructions:


Attaching scanned receipts

  1. Enter the rent received transaction in the Rent Center.
  2. Manually write out your receipt outside of Quicken (receipt book, etc.).
  3. Open the account register where the rent transactions are recorded (Checking or Cash account, etc.).
  4. Select the the transaction the receipt should be attached to, and click the attachment button (paper clip).
  5. Choose Attach Electronic Image, and choose the type of file you want to attach.
  6. In the Transaction Attachments window click on Scanner.
  7. Complete the scanning process, then click Done.


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