Change your mobile alerts

After you've set up your Quicken desktop software, you might want to make changes to the alerts you receive. Here's how:

1. Click the Mobile & Alerts tab.

2. Click [edit alerts settings].

3. If prompted, enter your password. Depending on how you've set things up, this may either be your Password Vault password, or your Intuit ID password.

4. The Edit Alerts Settings dialog displays.

Changes you can make:

  • Change the account summary notification schedule
    Account summary notifications help you stay on top of your finances. Just choose how often (never, weekly, or monthly) you'd like to receive summary emails or text messages (if you've enabled text alerts).
  • Add a secondary email for alerts
    If you want to send your alerts to an additional email address, such as your spouse's, enter it here. Whenever an alert is sent, it will be sent to both email addresses.
  • Enable or disable text message (SMS) alerts
    If you want to receive text message (SMS) alerts, click Enable Text Alerts. You'll be asked to enter your 10-digit mobile phone number. Quicken will then send a text message to the mobile phone number that contains an activation code. After you receive the activation code, return to your Quicken desktop software and enter the code to confirm and complete the setup process.

    If for some reason you don't receive the activation code, and you want to try again using a different number, click Start over with a different phone number.

    If after enabling text message (SMS) alerts, you decide that you want to stop receiving them, click deactivate next to your mobile phone number in the dialog.

  • Change the alerts you receive
    You have complete control over the alerts you receive. You can choose to receive any single alert through email, text message (SMS), both methods, or not at all. You can also set the trigger point for many of the alerts. For example, what you consider to be a "low balance" in your accounts.
    • What specific alerts can I receive, and when are they sent?


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