Changing the Options For Backing Up A Quicken Data File

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  1. Click on Edit on the top menu bar, then select Preferences > Quicken Preferences.
  2. In the Select preference type list, under Setup, select Backup.

Automatic backups do not include attachments. To include attachments, you should perform a conventional backup.


Change how often Quicken reminds me to back up my data

In the Remind after running Quicken field, enter the number of times you want to run Quicken before you are reminded to back up your Quicken data. For example, if you want to be reminded only after every fifth time you run Quicken, type 5.

Change the number of backup copies Quicken keeps

In the Maximum number of backup copies field, enter the number of backup copies of your files that you want Quicken to save.  Example: If you specify 5 backup copies as a maximum number to keep the newest backup will replace the oldest backup.

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