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Because of differences between Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac, some transaction types must be edited in Quicken for Windows before you can convert them. The following information shows which transaction types must be edited and how to edit them.

Existing Transaction:   Change to:
MiscIncX (Miscellaneous Income Transfer) MiscInc and an XIn
MiscExpX (Miscellaneous Expense Transfer)  MiscExp and an XOut  
MargInt (Margin Interest) MiscExp
MargIntX (Margin Interest Transfer) MiscExp and an XIn
CGMid (Capital-Gain Mid Term) CGLong
CGMidX (Capital-Gain Mid Term Transfer) CGLong and an XOut
ReinvMid (Reinvest Mid Term ) ReinvLG
RtrnCapX (Return of Capital Transfer) see below


For example, if you have a MiscIncX transaction (Miscellaneous Income Transfer) you would enter this as two separate transactions.

  1. Delete the original MiscIncX transaction.
  2. In the investment account, enter a Miscellaneous Income transaction without a transfer account.
  3. In the transfer account, enter a deposit in the amount of the miscellaneous income.

Note: In addition to the actions above, you cannot convert Reinvest Income, Reinvest Dividend or any banking transactions such as Deposits or Withdraws. You must manually enter in Quicken for Mac any Reinvest Income, Reinvest Dividend, and banking transactions in an investment account.

If you are not sure if you have any of these transaction types in your data file, you can run a report to find out.

  1. Select the Reports menu and select  Investing > Investment Transactions.
  2. Click Customize and select the Actions tab.
  3. Click Clear All.
  4. Select the actions listed in the table above, as well as Reinvest Income, Reinvest Dividend and banking actions.
  5. Click OK.

If you have a RtrnCapX transaction in a single mutual fund account, before converting the data, you must edit the account so it is no longer a single mutual fund account.

  1. Open the account in question and select the Summary tab.
  2. In the Account Attributes section, locate the Single Mutual Fund? field and click Yes.
  3. When the confirmation message appears, click Yes.

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