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You have the option to customize your calendar for a specific account types or specific accounts and save them as your custom calendars. This gives you the flexibility to closely monitor the financial trend of these accounts.

For example, you can create a custom calendar to view only your cash and credit accounts or investment accounts.


To create your custom calendar:

  1. Click the Calendars tab at the top of the window.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon on the upper right side of your screen.
  3. Select Customize.
  4. In the Customize window displayed, select the required account types or accounts.
  5. Select the checkbox Save as custom report/calendar.
  6. Provide a name for your custom calendar.
  7. Click OK. This calendar displays transactions and cash balances of the selected accounts only.

Some more examples

You have the option to customize your calendar for a specific account type or a specific account.

Savings Accounts

If you would like to closely monitor the financial trends of your savings accounts added in Quicken, you need to select them when creating a custom calendar for savings accounts. You also have the option to create a calendar for a single savings account.

Investment Accounts

Create a custom calendar just for your investment accounts. This calendar displays the trends of your investment accounts. The balance displayed is the sum total of the cash and the total market value of all your shares.

Assets and Loans

Similar to the above accounts, you can create a custom calendar for your asset and loan accounts.


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