Differences Between a Product Version, Upgrade and Update

Product Version
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These are the differences between a Quicken Version, Upgrade, and Update.


A Quicken version is the full version of Quicken software that you’ve purchased and installed on your system. For example, Quicken for Windows Premier 2017 is a version of Quicken.


An upgrade is when you go from one version of Quicken to a newer version of Quicken. For example, if you have Quicken for Windows Premier 2016 and you purchase and install Quicken for Windows Premier 2017, you have upgraded your Quicken version to Premier 2017. There is no price difference between a product version and a product upgrade, as they are both full versions of the Quicken software.


An update is also called a Release or Patch. Updates improve program functionality and fix known bugs. The latest update to your Quicken program can be obtained from our Quicken Software Update site, free of charge.

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