Downloaded Transactions in Quicken Show Less Than Bank's Website

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Using Express Web Connect connections types, you may see a difference between transactions on your bank's website and what updates in Quicken.

Quicken runs a script on a daily basis and logs in to the online banking system using your encrypted credentials and records your transactional data the same as if you logged in and retrieved it yourself. This is stored until you open Quicken and run a One Step Update, which updates Quicken will all your transactions since the last time you downloaded.

For your security, your financial institution creates a separate file of cleared transactions that Quicken has access to read. If that file is updated after Quicken runs the script to gather your financial data to pull into Quicken, it may be missing transactions. For example, if Quicken attempts to get new data from your bank at 11:00pm, but your bank does not update the file until 11:59pm, new transactions won't be there for Quicken to pull in until 11:00pm the next night through this automated process. If after 11:59 your data is available (or whichever time your bank updates the file Quicken has access to), you can update your account manually in Quicken.


To force Quicken to check your bank for the most recent transactions, go to the account register for that account, click on Account Actions, and select Update Now.

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