Duplicate Payments Appear when Downloading Transactions

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This issue usually occurs only when you download transactions for the first time or after your financial institution makes a server change. The download may also include payment history that already exists in your Quicken account register if either of the following has occurred:

  • Data was exported, and then it was imported into a new file.
  • Payments were sent from more than one data file.

To resolve this issue, you need to delete the original transaction and keep the most recently downloaded transaction:

  1. Locate the original transaction in the register and make note of its status (R, C, or blank) in the Clr column. If you reconcile your accounts regularly, the transaction status most likely shows as R (Reconciled).
  2. Delete the original transaction:
    1. In the register, select the transaction.
    2. Click Edit, and then choose Delete Transaction.
    3. Click Yes to the confirmation message.
  3. Locate the duplicate transaction that was downloaded. Its status shows as C.
  4. Change the status to match the transaction that was deleted by clicking in the Clr column of the duplicate transaction.
  5. Click Enter to save any changes to the transaction.
  6. Repeat these steps for each set of duplicate transactions.
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