Editing Transactions in Quicken for Mac

Edit Individual Transactions

Transaction details are fully editable.

To edit a transaction

  1. Double-click the transaction you want to edit.
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      You can also click Edit in the toolbar, or choose Transactions > Edit Transactions
  2. Make any changes by selecting the incorrect information and typing over it.
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      We strongly recommend that you always assign Categories to your transactions.

      You can also use the pickers to select different payee names, tags, and categories.
  3. Click the Edit Details button to show additional transaction details such as:
    • Split Tab (which includes additional information about downloaded transactions, such as the original payee name sent by your financial institution as well at a Memo and Tags fields.)
    • Attachments Tab
    • Checks Tab (checking accounts only)
  4. When you are finished, you can press Enter or simply move on to your next task.
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      Make a mistake? Choose Edit > Undo or press Command + Z.

Note that changing the amount of a transaction can cause problems if you've already reconciled the transaction with your bank statement.

Bulk edit transactions

Quicken gives you the flexibility to edit multiple transactions at a time. You can edit the payee, the category/subcategory, the tags and the memo. This is called bulk editing.

Let's consider bulk editing categories as an example. Consider a situation where you are using two categories, Car and Automobile. Later you decide that you need only Automobile. In this situation, you need to edit all the transactions associated with the category Car and change to Automobile. This might be a huge task as there could be many such transactions. You can do a bulk edit of all these transactions and change the associated category to Automobile all at once.

To bulk edit transactions:

  • First, ensure that the accounts you want to edit are not hidden.
  • On the Quicken sidebar, go to the All Accounts register.
  • Click in the Search field, then click search icon and select the option Category. Then type Car in the search field. All the transactions associated with the category Car are displayed.
  • Select all these transactions.
  • Go to File > Get Info. The Transactions Info window is displayed.
  • In the Category field, enter the required category name. In this case, enter Automobile and click OK. All the selected transactions that were associated with the category Car are now associated with the category Automobile.
  • Now, delete the category Car.

Similarly, you can do a bulk edit for other transaction attributes such as payee, memo and tags.

NOTE: If you make a mistake or change your mind, just select undo (Edit > Undo) after you make the change!

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