Enter exemptions

1. In the Self and Spouse field, view the number of exemptions Quicken believes you have so far.

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    This value is set on the Tax Planner Options page. If the value isn't correct, click Status in the top-left corner of the Tax Planner, and select the appropriate value in the Filing Status list. All options give you 1 exemption, except for Married Filing Jointly, which gives you 2.

2. In the Dependents field, enter the number of dependents.

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    This number, in addition to the standard exemption for you and/or your spouse, determines your total exemptions.

    You automatically receive an exemption of $3,400 for each exemption you claim. However, the exemption is phased out once your adjusted gross income goes above a certain level.
    For this filing status The level begins at
    Married filing joint/qualifying widow(er) $234,600
    Single $156,400
    Head of household $195,500
    Married filing separately $117,300

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