Enter information about special expenses

Special expenses are the money you plan to spend on unusual or infrequent expenses beyond taxes, loans, or living expenses, such as a wedding or special vacation. A special expense reduces your ability to save. It may also require you to borrow money or sell investments to provide cash to pay for it. If you've included your spouse in the plan, enter your spouse's special expenses as well.

The Lifetime Planner funds special expenses not covered by a specific account with your available cash flow and savings.


  • Is it a loan or a special expense?
    Don't confuse a multi-year expense with a loan. When you take out a loan, you borrow money and sign a contract to repay the loan at fixed intervals. A long-term expense is one that you periodically expect to pay out of pocket.
  • Currency tips
    The Lifetime Planner supports only U.S. currency. If you use non-U.S. currency accounts, their balances will be converted to U.S. dollars for planning. All currency amounts that you enter in the Lifetime Planner should be in U.S. dollars. If you have a multicurrency Quicken file and are not using U.S. dollars as your home currency, you will need to have U.S. dollars in your currency list with a current exchange rate.
  • General tips
    For general information on filling out the Lifetime Planner, see the Tips topic.

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