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For general information on filling out the Lifetime Planner, see the Tips topic.


  • Tips about entering future savings (tax-deferred and taxable)
    Tax-deferred savings are the money you expect to save each year in tax-deferred plans. The goal is to have more investments to draw from in retirement.

    Taxable savings are the money you expect to save each year in taxable plans. The goal is to have more investments available to sell to cover future expenses.
  • Tips about account details
    Select an account and click Details to tell Quicken how you intend to spend the money in this account. Accounts selected for general expenses aren't tied to any particular expense, but are used as necessary for living expenses and to cover shortfalls from other purchases. If you choose to fund a specific expense with this account, you can view the status of the goal that you've set in the Event Status snapshot in the Planning tab.
  • Tips about contributions
    The contribution is a percentage of: or An amount that increases each year by: Select whether this contribution is a percentage of your, your spouse's, or your combined salaries, or a specific amount that grows at a rate you specify. Quicken uses the standard inflation rate of 3 percent as the default.

    Click Next and select the amount (or percentage of salary) of your contribution and the start and stop dates of your contribution. Choose whether the contribution is a one-time contribution or a regular contribution. An example of a one-time contribution is a yearly bonus. An example of a regular contribution is a set amount deducted from each paycheck .
  • Currency tips
    The Lifetime Planner supports only U.S. currency. If you use non-U.S. currency accounts, their balances will be converted to U.S. dollars for planning. All currency amounts that you enter in the Lifetime Planner should be in U.S. dollars. If you have a multicurrency Quicken file and are not using U.S. dollars as your home currency, you will need to have U.S. dollars in your currency list with a current exchange rate.

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