Enter interest and/or dividend income (Schedule B)

1. In the Taxable Interest Income field, enter all taxable interest income from savings accounts, money market funds, and other sources (usually reported to you on a 1099-INT form).

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    Interest earned on IRAs is tax deferred and is generally not included in income until you make withdrawals from the IRA. Interest on U.S. obligations is taxable for federal income tax purposes, but exempt from all state and local income taxes. Generally, interest on obligations of state and local governments is tax exempt for federal purposes.

2.In the Dividends field, enter all amounts reported as dividends from stocks, mutual funds, partnerships, S corporations, estates, and trusts (usually reported to you on a K-1 form).

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    Don't include amounts from long-term capital gain distributions or nontaxable distributions here. Long-term capital gain distributions should be included on the Capital Gains and Losses page.

3. In the Total Interest and Dividends field, verify your total interest and dividends.

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