Error 109 While Adding an account in Quicken for Mac


You might receive the following message while adding an account in Quicken for Mac:

Error 109


Error 109 occurs if your bank's website needs you to change your password.


  1. Run Quicken.
  2. From the Accounts list, click the account that had the error.
  3. Click on Accounts menu > Update Selected Online Accounts.
  4. If you still see the link that begins with This account didn't update, click it.
  5. From the Next Steps page, click the link to your bank's website and try to sign in.
  6. If your bank asks you to change your password, please do so.
    • Re-open Quicken.
    • Click the account from the Accounts list.
    • Click the Settings.
    • Click on Set up transaction download.
    • Choose your financial Institution and click Continue.
    • Enter your sign-in information and use the same password that you just created on your bank's website.
  7. If you couldn't sign in to your bank's website, your bank's website may be temporarily unavailable. Please try again in several hours or a day.


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