Error 1304: Error reading from file [drive letter]:\Program Files\Quicken\[file name]

Product Version
Windows 2019
Windows 2017


When attempting to install Quicken the following message is returned:

[Error 1304] Error writing to file [filename]. Verify that you have access to that directory.

This error may be caused by an issue with the CD-ROM or the CD.

To resolve this issue

Please follow these steps to copy the installation folders from the CD to the hard drive and install Quicken using the copied files:

  1. Copy the installation files from the CD to the hard drive:
    1. Insert the Quicken into the CD-ROM. If the installation starts automatically, click Exit.
    2. Right-click the Microsoft(R) Windows(R)Start button and select Explore.
    3. Before copying the installation files, create a new folder in a convenient location (for example, on the desktop) on the hard drive to copy the files to:
      1. Create a new folder on your desktop by selecting Desktop in the left pane of the open window.
      2. With the location selected in the left pane, choose Home then choose New Folder.
      3. When the new folder appears in the right pane, type a name for that folder, such as "Quicken Install."
    4. In the left pane, browse to and right-click the Quicken CD and select Explore.
    5. In the right pane, locate the Custom and Disk1 folders.
    6. Press and hold the Ctrl key and select both folders.
    7. Right-click either of the highlighted folders and select Copy.
    8. Browse back to new folder you created in step c.
    9. Right-click that folder and select Paste. (It may take a few minutes to copy these folders from your CD to your hard drive.)
  2. Please follow these steps to install Quicken from the folders you copied to your hard drive:
      1. Open the new folder you copied the files to in the steps above.
      2. Double-click the Disk1 folder
      3. Double-click Setup.exe (or setup if you do not view file extensions) to start the installation.
      4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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