Error 155 When Downloading in Quicken for Mac


When performing an update in Quicken Essentials you may receive Error 155.  This error indicates your financial institution is blocking Quicken from accessing the financial institution's servers through your current connection type (see How Quicken Connects to Your Bank).

You will need an alternate method to download your transactions into Quicken.

Activate your account using Web Connect settings in order to download your transactions into Quicken.

  1. Open the account register which is receiving Error 155.
  2. Click on Settings in lower right corner of the register.
  3. Click Change Connection Type, and choose Web Connect
  4. Click Save, and then click Continue to deactivate your account for Quicken Connect.
  5. Click Update to be taken to your financial institutions website, where you can download and import your transactions using a QFX file.

    Note: You will need to repeat these steps for each account enabled for the affected financial institution.

Please try again in a few days to add or refresh this financial institution's accounts within Quicken.

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