Error 2000 Updating Accounts in Quicken Mac Products

Quicken Mac 2015 (or newer) may return an Error 2000 when attempting to update accounts connected using Direct Connect.

The server returned an OFX response containing an OFX error 2000.  This error is a generic error sent by the Financial Institution and should include a unique message provided by the financial institution (FI).

The exact error should be transmitted by the FI, making it easy for them to determine why Quicken would be receiving this error message. That error can typically be found in the OFX Log, and may look something like this example:






<MESSAGE>The financial management software you are using is no longer supported. Please upgrade your software or contact us at 1-800-###-#### for assistance. (2000:9)


The key components of this message will be the STATUS, ERROR and (where presented) MESSAGE tags. The MESSAGE tag data will vary, depending on the error and FI.


Only the Online Banking Support at the FI can resolve this error, which requires them accessing your account information on their servers. Quicken Support does not have this access and would not be able to resolve this error.

If the error message does not contain the phone number to call for assistance, you can find the contact number by one of the following methods:

  • Click the Settings button for an activated account, then click the List button next to the FI name;
  • Click the Add Account button to get to the screen with the financial institution name, displaying their contact number and URL;
  • Log into your account(s) at the FI website, then find their technical support contact number.

How to find the OFX Log to see the error message:

  • In Quicken, go to Help > Show Logs in Finder > OFX Log.
  • Double clicking the OFX Log will open it in Text Edit.
  • The OFX Log is written in ascending chronological order, with the most recent transmission appearing at the bottom of the log file.

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