Error 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, or 2009 Updating Accounts in Quicken Mac Products

Quicken Mac 2015 (or newer) may return one of the following errors when connecting to Direct Connect activated accounts or during account setup:

  • Error 2001
  • Error 2002
  • Error 2003
  • Error 2006
  • Error 2009

The financial institutions (FI) server returned an OFX response containing an OFX error indicating unrecognized account or user information.


Check the account number, routing number, and customer ID information in Account Settings screen.

If the Account, Routing and Customer ID information appears to you to be correct, please contact the FI Online Banking Support for assistance in determining why the information you have stored in Quicken is being rejected by their servers. Only they can resolve this error for you, as it requires them to confirm your account information on their servers against the account information you are using in Quicken.

Quicken Support cannot resolve this issue, as we do not have access to your account/login information on the FI servers and cannot confirm the information you're using is what is expected by those servers.

If the error message does not contain the phone number to call for assistance, you can find the contact number by one of the following methods:

  • Click the Settings button for an activated account, then click the List button next to the FI name;
  • Click the Add Account button to get to the screen with the financial institution name, displaying their contact number and URL;
  • Log into your account(s) at the FI website, then find their technical support contact number.

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