Error 2004, 2007, or 2010 Updating Accounts in Quicken Mac Products

Quicken Mac 2015 (or newer) may return an error when connecting to Direct Connect activated accounts or during account setup:

  • Error 2004
  • Error 2007
  • Error 2010

This error should include the text "Account Closed", but that depends on the financial institution (FI) sending that content.

To resolve this error:

  • Confirm the account information in the account you're trying to activate, to ensure you're not activating a Closed account;
  • Contact the financial institutions online banking support for assistance in re-opening the account on their servers.

The financial insitution support would have to confirm the account closure was in error, re-open the account on their servers, and resolve any issues with completing that connection.

Quicken Support could not complete this task, as we do not have access to the financial institution servers and customer account information held on them.

If the error message does not contain the phone number to call for assistance, you can find the contact number for your financial institution by one of the following methods:

  • Click the Settings button for an activated account, then click the List button next to the FI name;
  • Click the Add Account button to get to the screen with the financial institution name, displaying their contact number and URL;
  • Log into your account(s) at the FI website, then find their technical support contact number.